CO2 is Love

CO2 is not a pollutant.

It is an inodorous invisible gas that is the basis of life. Incase you were born post 1990 it is what allows plants to live with this amazing process called photosynthises. I’m sure they dont teach that anymore. You can imagine trying to explain to the Greta Thunbergs (if they ever go back to school) that CO2 is plant food

Being plant food is handy for a number of lifeforms, being predominantly herbivores and omnivores… and the omnivores and carnivores that eat both the plants, herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. ahhh the cycle of life.

So, the vilification of CO2 needs to be based on some pretty sound scientific evidence. Particularly if we are to actively reduce this plant food that makes up a tiny portion of our atmosphere.

If you want a great lesson on the scientific basis and understanding we have on CO2, then who better than Mr CO2 himself – William Happer.

Happer knows more about CO2 than CO2 knows about itself, and a shitload more than most of the “monkey see monkey do” climate scientists that are being churned out of some universities around the world.

Climate science is a complicated multi faceted subject and covers a broad spectrum of sciences.

But CO2 has become the poster child of “wanted dead or alive” posters. A reality that is more akin to blaming 70’s funk for your porn addiction. But perhaps it is that soulful rhythm that keeps you going back for a 28 second listen. One day you will finish the song i’m sure but back to climate

Modern climate science that is dished out to the youth of the world today, to try and indoctrinate them into the climate emergency fear, is comparable to the crusades of old.

drum up a reason that something needs to be vilified and then spend all your money on destroying it.

It is funny, but humans seem to have a need to believe in something. In the absence of a lord, God or cow to worship, it seems that a climate emergency is a good cause to get behind. I guess it would if it wasn’t total “codswallop” to quote our recently departed David Bellemy.

Any way if you want to arm yourself with some real science that not only can let your triggered 14 year old sleep at night, but give you some good science to discuss with Karen next time you are on Facebook. Then watch Mr Happer give some real science a go.

if you still believe in a climate emergency after this then we need to discus the purchase of a large coat hanger spanning the harbour joining the North shore to the south. Ill do you a great deal for cash.

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