Colin Powell finally does some good

An aged Colin Powell, who was really a warmongering dirtbag, has been getting RIP praises from some internet bloggers.

Likely reason is he was a Republican who voted for Obama and vocally stated he wouldn’t vote for Trump.

However, the instigator of hundreds of thousands of deaths and a perennial loser at wars seemed to be praised more for the fact he was the son of an immigrant, rather than the wake of destruction he leaves behind him.

Powell is the one who took Bush into the Iraq war by falsely claiming the nation had weapons of concern that were being hidden from inspectors.

Powell, in true leadership style, upon learning there were no weapons as claimed, blames others for this mistake.

There are no solid statistics on the true amount of casualties the war caused. Conservative predictions claim that at least 400,000 people had violent deaths from this war. Not just deaths but violent ones.

Well done son.

Powell’s departure does come with a little irony and education for those thinking that there is a vaccine for COVID though.

The twice jabbed General died from complications from a COVID infection.

Rest in all the Peace you deserve Colin.

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