Computer Modelling Strikes Again

One of the myths that is part of the climate emergency con is that the increase in sea level is accelerating, mainly due to the human race’s love of fossil fuels.

Sea level has been slowly rising at circa 2 mm per year since we started measuring with tide gauges back in the 1800’s.

There are many gauges around the world and they plot the level like this station in Virginia

The argument many alarmists use it that this sea level rise is accelerating and will cause millions of climate refugees from displaced seaside communities if something isn’t done in the next few years.

This argument is the kind of make belief garbage that anyone with an ounce of intelligence can debunk in 12 seconds but let’s look at the data.

Below is the modelling on the sea level rise. This is money that has been provided to our best theoretical engineers based on the hugely sophisticated measuring capabilities and the “fact” that the only thing that can be causing climate change is the small increase in C02 which is as a direct result of our planet killing habits. – Don’t get me wrong humans do have planet killing habits but C02 is not one.

Like all good models they have an array of scenarios, each one more devastatingly worse than the next.

Remember these predictions are used for our governments and councils to set policies on.

The predictions have a range which is then used as a guide. A councillor or other government policy advisor would naturally need to be cautious when picking one of the below modelled predictions.

The options they can chose from is

  • Extreme
  • High
  • Intermediate high
  • Intermediate
  • Intermediate low
  • Low

Then we have the observed level. The modelling was prepared to show us from the year 2000 as to how the level will rise. In early 2022 we can compare the modelling to observed levels

Well that has proven to be money well spent hasn’t it. also we have to deal with the consequences of this alarmism in the laws that are made based on this info.

Our councils make us take these predicted sea level rises into account when we build a new house that is under 5 meters above sea level. Typically by telling you you need to build it higher due to the 100 year predictions of sea level rise.

Seems most people just like to go along with the charade because organisations like the U.N. I.P..C.C NASA, NOAA and people like Michael Mann wouldn’t lie to us. No of course they wouldn’t. They don’t need jobs and grants to function and pay for all these highly qualified people and all their measuring equipment.

If the scientists or politicians had said that there is no accelerated sea level rise, it is unlikely that there will be accelerated sea level rise and it is unlikely the increase in CO2 has anything but benefits to our planets well-being. How many dollars would flow out of these laboratories, universities and other organisations tasked with measuring the emergency. What emergency would be the answer when these organisations applied for more public grants of cash.

How many governments would continue to fund this junk science.?

We are told oil company scientists are corrupting and misleading policy makers.

But it is the constant drive to blame a made up problem on something that we still have no empirical evidence that it even effects the problem that doesn’t exist in the first place.

But if people stopped believing in climate emergencies, how many so called “Climate Scientists” would be looking for work?

Anyway, the sea level isn’t rising any more than it was 120 years ago and that’s why banks still give mortgages on beach front properties.

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