Concern For Ardern!

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As soon as the courts rule confirming this fraud of which now becomes high treason charges working with outside countries to do so in America. NZ will if Ardern doesn’t call for a recount beforehand demand a recount on the basis, same people involved. Same machines and proof already of being used in countries were they have rigged elections. The devoloper has made a public confession Soro’s paid him to do the job. Soro’s requirements were it had to be able to be tampered with. The Dems are guilty. The sickest part is while this information has been coming through the NZ Media like NZ herald are lying to the NZ public. Giving false information. Broadcasting stories about Trumps family built on lies. When Biden has had his name ruled to be placed on charges of making deals with another country. Also Treason, but we don’t hear about it. And on social media we have paid trolls recieving tax payers money, constantly slamming anyone not supporting this corruption, labour or the Democrats. I know this because we have found there correct identities of who they are connected with. NZ is riddled with fraud at present and headed by no other then Jacinda Ardern, who is mentored by Podesta, Hillary Clinton and lead by no other then George Soro’s. We will not stand for this corruption to continue and will not stop until all involved are bought to face there crimes. Jacinda Ardern agmonst other NZers are already on a list of 190000 people from around the world to be arrested for serious crimes. Q was recently confirmed by the attorney general of the United states as being 100% true. We have already seen the arresting started firstly targeting pedophiles and child traffickers. One state 180 arrest in one day another state 177, and Australia 46. This is the start of draining the swamp.

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