Confessions Of A Former Lefty

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By Sarah Smith

The journey to free myself from left-wing ideology has been long and treacherous at times. I often say it’s by the grace of God that I saw the error of my ways.

I’m still coming to grips with the nuances of free market capitalism and the fact that it is not the root of our problems. Unfortunately, the true version was hijacked (like all good things), demonised and replaced with corporate capitalism where monopolies have taken over, squeezing out the middle classes long term.

I can now clearly see the issues with identity politics and “socially progressive” policy. They result in a race to the bottom and are used as mind control techniques ultimately, conditioning society into becoming and accepting weakness.

Infact, we are now going a step further and celebrating weakness. People are not selected for their character or abilities but on the make-up of their meat suit.

There is nothing more degrading long term, than choosing someone primarily because of the colour of their skin, their gender or their sexual orientation. They just become the token selection not the best person for the job.

Further progressive policies like the UBI will create more reliance on the state for survival. Unfortunately many have come to accept this and see it as a right.

Government is getting far too big for it’s boots. MPs have forgotten who they work for and government departments are inefficient, wasting our hard earned money!

Now that most minorities are over represented in parliament can we get back to focusing on the real issues?

I even question the states involvement in education, given that now the curriculum no longer allows for critical thought.

These a just a few of my musings for this rainy evening.

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