Confessions of a Lefty Continued…

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By Sarah Smith

Comments like this make my heart sing. Not for some quick ego boost but because it means my suffering was not in vain.

The process of changing my thoughts, feelings and actions has at times felt like I was trying to steer the Titanic. It’s been a mammoth task and not an enjoyable one but a worthwhile one certainly.

I was a snowflake before it was a thing. I was a social justice warrior before it went mainstream. And it pains me to say that I was a leftist libtard extraordinaire ready to convince everyone the world depended on their submission to the environmental fear mongering movement I had wrapped my identity in.

They wanted to make me the poster child for the green movement. It was all lining up and by the grace of God I took a different path.

Of late I’ve been sharing some of my thoughts & experiences with the hope that my lived experience may bring context to much of the current hot button topics.

Thank you to all of you who stop and read my work. It is through one heart and one mind that we will allow truth, beauty & goodness to reign supreme.

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