Confessions of an ex Greenie

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By Sarah Smith

The Greens have become (it could be argued that maybe they always were) a front for extreme Marxist cultural ideology.

True environmentalism has taken a back seat in favour of the culture war and promotion of identity politics.

This will lead to the destruction of the family and ultimately the end of human society as we know it. Think ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley who was read in on the plan & was putting it out to the world in plain sight.

Facetious comments like this about “white boy communities” by this gay Mexican will only intensify as they take pride in destroying “white” culture & “gayifying” the world.

The Greens’ target is the young, impressionable voter.

With Chloe Swarbrick, who also happens to be gay, (part of the gayist government in the world – because it really makes a difference who you share your bed with when it comes to running a country – NOT) and now the MP of central Auckland, the Ponsonby/Grey Lynn hipster types will gladly hand over their children to these toxic ideologies.

Having broken free from this destructive mentality myself & knowing how difficult it truly is to regain a sense of rational, common sense, free thought, it will take an absolute miracle to get this next generation back to valuing true freedom and conservative values.

And whilst it seems like an impossible task, they are worth fighting for. After all it is the next generation that the cult of ultimate evil are after too! Let’s get our minds in order so we can present the information clearly & succinctly to our children. Let’s instill the love of truth, beauty & goodness. Let’s create an army of God fearing, liberty loving Patriots willing to fight to the end!

Finally, don’t even get me started on Julie Ann Genter’s
tweet below. If she was really about child poverty why does she support the continued attack on small business under the guise of the Covid-19 response which is based on very questionable science.

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