Conformity & Bullying

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By Will Ryan

Here’s a great example of the Kiwi conformity and bullying culture.

A woman dares to have a differing opinion on Covid and masks and because she’s currently on TV the media hawks come after her. Not to debunk her claims at all, but rather to smear them as “conspiracy” and “fear mongering”- the irony.

This person is obviously educated, intelligent and healthy, so they decide to analyse and speculate about her psychology. This is what these cowards do, abstract from the specific points and go into psychological rants about why someone may “go down the rabbit hole”, in this case criticising the health and wellness community for having “hippy” views that lead to Covid scepticism.

Unfortunately she backs down and apologises, despite not being shown to be wrong on any count. That didn’t stop government shill David Farrier making up this kind of nonsense:

“There’s an increasing number of health and wellness influencers sharing blatantly incorrect information and scaremongering on social media, under the guise of ‘just asking questions’,” he said. “It gives dangerous ideas an innocent packaging.”

How exactly are words on a screen or ideas in one’s mind so “dangerous” David? If the truth is on your side why do you fear people debating it? Weaklings like these journalists are everything that is wrong with the modern world, no integrity, stamina or resilience let alone ability to look at all sides and discern fact from fiction.

Shivani is entitled to her views no matter how upset it makes these fucks!

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