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Am I supposed to say, “Congratulations Biden”?

With that said – I am going to need some help from my Democratic Liberal friends…

1. Can I borrow the #notmypresident or is that reserved for President Trump?

2. Who do I contact to see if Republicans are boycotting the Inauguration as the Democrats did for Trump?

3. Do I have to accept the election results, or can I cry for 4 years claiming election interference?

4. Am I entitled to see Biden’s tax returns to learn how his income jumped dramatically in one year?

5. Am I allowed to trash anything that Biden says without repercussion since I am only expressing myself?

6. Is there a sign-up somewhere for riots? Or, do organizers just call me? How does that work?

7. Are businesses targeted because they supported Biden, or do I just pick a business that has something I want?

8. Were the thousands of businesses that boarded up for fear of riots for conservatives or liberals? If they were for conservatives, did I miss the riots already?

9. Where are the safe spaces? Is there a map or something?

10. Does all the free stuff your party has offered just come, or do people have to quit their jobs first?

11. When 401K’s crash, will Biden make-up for that in give-a-ways?

12. When gas gets unaffordable, will there be an EBT gas card?

13. The conservative gatherings were dubbed super-spreader events for covid-19 – yet protests were not…Did you guys secretly take a vaccine before it was available to the public?

14. Now that Biden will be president, are all deaths on his hands, or is it President Trump’s responsibility, at your convenience?

15. During Biden’s State of the Union Address, will Pelosi tear up his speech on national television, or does she only behave that way with Trump?

16. Is the race war over now?

17. Since socialism is what is now the new normal if a neighbor has something I want – do I just take it? Or do I have to tell them I am taking it?

18. Where do we send the extra tax money? Since we are not paying enough in taxes, I need to know the address you are sending all that extra money to.

19. Since you want credit for the vaccine, which occurred under the TRUMP administration, will you be taking it first? What about accountability if there are deaths or major side effects from the vaccine? Will it then be known as the Trump vaccine?

20. When do we start the impeachment process? This is all new to me – I just want to make sure I get it right and do not offend anyone.

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