Consensus isn’t Science

Some of our greatest scientific discoveries came from individuals who didn’t accept the widely agreed upon theories of the time.

Like today, many who bucked the trend got silenced at best and paid with their life or freedom at worst for thinking differently. Alternatively they got ridiculed in their lifetime before being widely accepted as correct after they had passed away.

Alfred Wegener lived from 1880 to 1930 and was ridiculed for his theory that the continents moved very slowly and over millions of years could move great distances. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that his Continental Drift theory was widely accepted.

Aristarchus live a few hundred years BC and was the first to suggest the earth revolves around the sun. No one believed him and some demanded he be put on trial for suggesting such crazy ideas. After his death it would take until the 16th century before this claim was made again. This time by Nicolaus Copernicus just before his death in 1543.

Copernicus’ theory didn’t cause a stir until 71 years later when Galileo picked up where Copernicus left off. This was now too much for the Catholic Church who spared Galeleo’s life, but punished him by putting him under house arrest until his death for publishing the fact that the earth revolves around the sun.

It wasn’t until the late 19th century that it became widely accepted that the Earth wasn’t the centre of the universe.

There are many others who were considered crazy for their outlandish claims. Here are a few worthy mentions

Ignaz Semmelweis was ridiculed for suggesting doctors should wash their hands after handling disease ridden corpses before assisting pregnant mothers with birthing

William Harvey in the 17th century claimed the heart pumped blood around blood vessels in the body. He died before this was accepted.

Gregor Mendel, yes even the godfather of genetics couldn’t get any traction with the intellectuals of the time with his genetic theories after cross-breeding peas. His theory of recessive and dominant genes were not accepted until after his death.

So when your local politician, scientist or extinction rebellion twat tells you that CO2 caused by human activity is a climate emergency, and it’s a consensus of scientific belief that makes it so, you can tell them that a consensus is not a scientific fact.

However, so you can feel that you are not alone with this thought process, you can quote that over 30,000 scientists and over 9,000 with PhD’s feel so strongly about this consensus BS that they signed a petition saying that there is no evidence that CO2 is causing undue warming or climate emergencies in fact there is better evidence that the increase is actually beneficial to the earth.

The media don’t talk much about the scientists who strongly appose the CO2 and Methane catastrophe.

Science is about proving theories by excluding all other possibilities. To date no one has provided evidence that CO2 and Methane are responsible for warming. Plenty have disproved it which would lead most intelligent people to at least entertain debate over the theory.

But when media outlets such as STUFF are so wrapped up in the “science is settled” mantra, that they will not publish anything that goes against the anthropogenic CO2 theory. Well, you then just have an echo chamber of bad science, just like the 17th century science of the Catholic Church.

Most people wouldn’t know of a single climate scientist and rather get their “science” from the six o’clock news. This is where the popular science is pawned off on the unsuspecting do-gooder’s who then roll their eyes when you quote any, of many scientists, who debate the greenhouse gas enduced emergency theories.

There are scientists who are batting for the climate emergency team. It just seems strange that they do their arguing through both the courts of law and public opinion.

One such creature is Michael Mann the nice tee of the hockey stick. The below book doesn’t make him wrong but you have to question his techniques of convincing g the world he is right.

Things you won’t hear in the news

Arctic ice is at an 18 year high pipping 2014 at the finish line.

So it’s the highest since 2003 after it was meant to be ice free by 2016, 2018, 2020….

Sea level rise is that thing that is going to happen one day and we are all doomed. It’s been happening since we started measuring sea level but it’s now going to happen more than ever and how does it compare to CO2 concentration in the atmosphere?

So no acceleration then? That doesn’t make the news now does it

Everything is blamed on climate change these days. Every isolated weather event is labelled part of an increasing trend.

But where is the trend? When we check the data we discover we are living in very static times. Yes climate changes, always has, always will. Is it an emergency?

We will learn where 2021 ended on the warming charts over the next few days. November has us 0.08 degrees Celsius above the 30 year average. I would suggest given the record low temperatures in the Antarctic this year (coldest on record) and the 18 year high amount of ice at the Arctic that we may end the year below the 30 year temperature average and we are back to the pause that ran from 1999 to 2015. We had warm years in 2016/2017 and 2019/2020 but all that warmth disappeared in 2021. So much for the trapped heat theory.

This too will remarkably be lost to the media giants rubbish bin files.

Instead we will be told we are in an emergency 🙄

Monthly global temperature 1998 – 2021 November is +0.08 deg C above 1991- 2020 average. Each horizontal line is 0.2 of a deg C.

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