Conspiracy Theorist or Truth Teller?

I received communication that would easily be classed as a conspiracy theory born from the imagination of someone so far down a rabbit hole that he has arrived in wonderland.

The name of the person who sent the warning is Dr Mike Yeadon. A quick on line search of Dr Yeadon delivers a Wikipedia paragraph top of the internet search page.

He is discredited as an antivaxxer and a darling of the conspiracy theorists and that he spreads misinformation about COVID-19. 

For most, that would be enough to write off the man as some fringe psychopath doctor who has lost the plot.

However, knowing Wikipedia is rife with disparaging remarks of anyone who doesn’t tow the line. Particularly on subjects that don’t align politically with the eternally offended, so  I dug a little deeper as to his credibility.

This is where it gets a little more interesting.

It turns out that this so called antivax conspiracy theorist was for 20 years a senior exec and scientist at Pfizer. He was the Vice President of Pfizer’s allergy and respiratory research centre, and their chief scientist at the facility. Maybe not that much of a basement fringe conspiracy theorist then.

Suddenly you start to wonder, who should I believe? Who has more credibility, the collective knowledge of those editing his Wikipedia page and the MSM or the warnings from an ex chief at a Pfizer medicine research facility.

However, the story doesn’t necessarily stop there. More questions need answering. Is Dr Yeadon a bit bitter from being axed from his lucrative roll at Pfizer and is dreaming up crazy conspiracies in an attempt to damage the reputation of his ex employer? Is he equally as guilty of dodgy practises like his employer has admitted to in historical court cases? Or is he searching for redemption or even worse, serving another master with equally suspicious motivations? 

Wikipedia says that Yeadon specialised in the respiratory system and developed Asthma medication. They are quick to point out he did not work on vaccines and his employment ceased with Pfizer when the company shut down the research centre where he was based.

He then set up his own pharmaceutical company with a few of his recently ex Pfizer colleagues, one that sold for $325 million in 2017.

So it is unlikely he is disgruntled, here is a quote from him about the termination of his roll at the respiratory disease research facility in the UK.

“I deduced, rightly as it later turned out, that the UK site was to close. Armed with this deduction, having decided that I was not interested in chasing another big pharma job elsewhere as my family was well settled, and aware that compounds would likely be abandoned, I cooked up the notion of founding a biotech, right here.”

He actually purchased the ex Pfizer research facility with Pfizers blessing and raised millions of dollars of funds to do so. Pfizer also were financially involved with this business.

So, the guy was head of a major research facility, had the tenacity to raise millions of dollars, created complex medications using highly technical knowledge of molecular science which ultimately saw another pharmaceutical company purchase this previously shut down research centre for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Okay, so far his credibilty is hard to dispute. 

So what did he do to be awarded the Conspiracy theorist handle on that single source of truth Wikipedia? 

According to the online oracle

“Late last year, a semi-retired British scientist co-authored a petition to Europe’s medicines regulator. The petitioners made a bold demand: Halt COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials.

Even bolder was their argument for doing so: They speculated, without providing evidence, that the vaccines could cause infertility in women.”

Having now just watched an in-depth interview with Yeadon on the Epoch Times, which is behind a paywall here

Yeadon was actually concerned about the spike protein being used as the vaccine catalyst for creating immunity. He wanted to warn people of the flaws in the development based on his own extensive medicine creation experience. He claims that it is relatively well known in the educated community that this spike protein is a bad egg. It is a toxin and can cause many issues in the organs of the body.

He is not the only extremely well qualified person to suggest this. Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA delivery for vaccines also has highlighted this issue.

Yeadon wanted to warn others about the risks and being a credible scientist who wasn’t relying on any paymasters, he felt could be an objective critic of the vaccine’s safety.

What happened next is the same as the fate of Malone and many others. He was attacked, cancelled, discredited, fired from lucrative advisory rolls and refused to be interviewed on MSM channels. He was labelled an antivaxer conspiracy theorist. Silenced for his efforts, efforts he is happy to admit give him zero gain. 

This experience, like many before him have experienced, woke Yeadon to the obfuscation of the powers that be, it set his alarm bells ringing and awakened that part of his conscience that used to label this behaviour as conspiratorial.

He is now convinced that this is a combined and coordinated attack from the elite and politicians on our freedom. He himself has been extensively removed from existence due to his messages and no longer is able to live a normal life. He is fortunate here, he is a very wealthy man and is not at the beck and call of those that cut the pay cheques. If you are living in a mortgaged house, with a young family, and are reliant on your income each month, you are owned by the system. You cannot afford to stand up and speak out like Yeadon and others have.

Having watched from the horses mouth what Yeadon is about, his level of expertise and the gist of his concerns, I can say he is not an antivaxxer, he is not a fringe conspiracy theorist, and he is a highly intelligent. He is also extremely well qualified to make these claims that he makes and importantly, he has no financial or political reason to say what he is saying.

So what is his warning?

The warning I was sent may not be his words. I have not been able to verify that. They seem extreme and having just watched his interview I can say he believes this process we have been through with the mandates etc is a form of control, one that is leading to digital ID’s more restrictions over what you are able to do and say. Ultimately a political shift that we are expected to live by

Having said all of that, here is what I was sent. Are we this far down the path of the upheaval?

From Michael Yeadon on


«Some people are expecting the Monkey Pox scam to play out exactly like COVID (with lockdowns and vaccine mandates for employment and venues. This is a mistake. The enemy has adjusted their strategy. Many will be caught off guard. 

Instead of the general lockdowns and mandates we saw during covid, this time they will track and trace extensively; targeting individuals and their contacts with long quarantines and ring vaccination. The psychology used will be formidable and much more difficult to resist. Many who refused to comply in round one will fold.

Ring vaccination means that anyone caught up in their contact tracing will be detained by specially trained teams, isolated and pressured / forced to take the vaccine. In some countries force will be used early on, but even in jurisdictions where one is not legally obligated to comply the pressure that these teams apply will be extreme. The long quarantines will add an additional incentive to give in. When the only way to avoid extended house arrest (and eventually quarantine camps) is to accept the jab, compliance can be achieved without general mandates (though we may see these in some jurisdictions). 

This targeting and isolation of individuals is nefarious for a number of reasons. While general mandates and lockdowns tend to evoke widespread outrage, they know people won’t take to the streets en masse if they aren’t personally affected at the moment. They intend to pick you off one at a time starting with the least resistant. This is why they are focused on the gay community in the opening act. The gay community is overwhelmingly left wing. Most of this demographic will accept the vaccine without hesitation as will the majority of those in their social circles. This will allow the enemy to work out the kinks in the system before addressing the trouble makers.

Some of you might be wondering how on earth they will be able to take this clown show to such extremes. After all, Monkey Pox is very mild and only lasts a few weeks. However, the narrative is already being cultivated that there is something unusual about this particular strain. It’s “spreading” faster than previous variants, and some of the symptoms are unusual. Those of you who have been paying attention know that this is a cover for the side effects of COVID-19 vaccination. There are a multitude of auto-immune skin issues showing up that look like pox, and with immune systems decimated, the vaccinated are experiencing a resurgence of latent viruses, with shingles being one of the most common symptoms. Since diagnosis comes down to a fraudulent PCR test, all of this can be attributed to Monkey Pox. 

Here’s where it gets nasty. The long term side effects of the initial COVID jabs are just beginning to reveal themselves, and all cause mortality among the vaccinated is already becoming impossible to hide. What this means is that while COVID started as a bad flu and ended as a mild cold, Monkey Pox will made to look like it is evolving into something absolutely horrific. People will get sick and stay sick. Others will die suddenly. The fear this will generate (and the resulting mass psychosis) will make you miss the good old days of COVID.

The food and energy shortages that are kicking off at the same time are an important part of the equation. Not only will rationing give those in power far more more leverage, malnutrition and cold will also weaken the population physically and make them more susceptible to disease. Electricity and internet blackouts will make it much harder to organize resistance and will provide cover for the worst abuses.

For years we have warned people to get out of the cities. Now you know why. This is the final window for that move. There will be no fuel for vehicles soon (and you can only walk so far when you are starving). 

This ends in war, but in war timing is everything. Let the cities burn in the distance. Let the enemy expend their ammunition and weaken their armies. Wait for the right moment.»



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