Conspiracy theory or inconvenient truth?

In early August the Wallaby Rugby team arrived in NZ from Delta Covid hotspots.  The Minister of Sport with the full knowledge of his boss approved their entry into NZ free of any quarantine.  Thursday night before the first test several of the team broke their team protocols and went drinking. (unsurprisingly  that very bar has been listed as a place of interest, as has the Macca’s they reportedly stopped at on their crawl back to the team hotel)

Then inexplicably after a year of hiding from the world and Covid, NZ now has the Delta variant and it arrived coincidentally in early August and “escaped” from MIQ.

As of today the MOH has announced they have exhausted all avenues to determine how Delta “escaped”. 

Well here’s a possible inconvenient thought, it did not escape, it was invited in sanctioned by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.  

They will now stop looking because heaven forbid the governments incompetence has transcended all its previous idiocy and in fact shot itself in the proverbial foot and screwed the rest of us in the process.

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