Corruption at the UN & NZ has dirt on its hands!

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NZ’s involvement in UN corruption claims
A UN whistleblower is among multiple officials and experts to have expressed concerns about a climate change project in Russia – and New Zealand features in several aspects.

The Russian whistleblower at the heart of United Nations corruption claims has said he contacted Helen Clark about his concerns during her time at the organization, but never heard back.

However, another Kiwi at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) appears to have played a crucial role in the allegations coming to light.

Last month, American news outlet Foreign Policy reported on multiple allegations of corruption levelled against the managers of a UNDP project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Russia.

While the UN and donor governments had dismissed or ignored the claims, Foreign Policy said its investigation had provided further evidence to support them, including a confidential audit document which found “strong indicators of deliberate misappropriation” of millions of dollars.

A final September 2017 evaluation of the Russia project concluded that after nearly seven years, and millions of dollars in investments by donor governments, the program “did not achieve any GHG [greenhouse gas] emission reductions.”

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