Could Seymour be a future PM?

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By Gordon Burnside

David Seymour was in New Plymouth on Thursday (12/11/20) as part of the Act Party’s thank you tour and very kindly invited Netta and I out for dinner with him, his small entourage of three new Act MPs and a couple of notable local identities.

We came away with some serious impressions:

1 David Seymour could easily be Prime Minister – meaning he certainly has what it takes and I’ve met a few now.

2 These new ACT MPs are very smart people and are actually very impressive as persons as well as displaying quite intense personal experience and knowledge of their spokesperson roles.

3 ACT policy today might not be today’s flavour in a world where being kind is seen to be above all other considerations but by the next election might make a lot more sense to a whole lot more people. You can have both and I certainly believe they encompass both.

4 if they can continue their momentum and the new team supports David Seymour’s rapidly developing ability to impress as a genuine leader they could well assume the role of natural opponent to Labour and do a great job of it. With whatever becomes of the National Party they could capture enough from the centre left to form a government. Then who would be PM I wonder?

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