COVID caught a cold

The number one theory on how the Omicron came about is that someone got infected with a Corona based common cold (potentially someone with HIV), at the same time as getting the Delta variant, which ended up with the COVID creating Corona virus collecting some RNA from the common cold.

And the Omicron was born with a significant amount of variation.

This may be a good thing, but there are some warnings based on recent studies.

Unfortunately it isn’t particularly good news for those that have had the current vaccine (Pfizer) and haven’t had a dose of Corona yet particularly the prior variants to Delta such as the Beta variant. No study has been conducted on unvaccinated people without a prior infection.

The study from SA shows the ability to neutralise the Omicron in vaccinated people without a prior infection decreased to very low levels even with people who should be at their peak immunity being 12 days post second jab.

So far It has been deemed a milder version of the disease however, it hasn’t been let loose on a more suseptible population to fully understand its severity

The reality is it has predominantly been the young that have been exposed to the Omicron so far and despite all the propaganda, the young are not at risk of any of the variants so far.

The fact is it has mostly gone through younger populations with no severe illness means we just don’t know if Omicron will be less virulent than its predecessors when it takes hold in Europe or the USA.

The good news has been that 74% of hospitalisations were in hospital for unrelated to covid reasons. however natural immunity in Africa (and South America) are differing variants to that in Europe and the USA. The protein milkshake that is the Omicron is a little more closely linked to the Beta variant. Thus countries that had high infections with the Beta are best equipped with their natural immunity.

The Omicron is yet to be let loose on populations more at risk and the real risky demographic being the elderly. We probably don’t have long to wait and this reality as it is in 57 countries and counting.

For those that are hoping that vaccines are the answer and that the virus is an indiscriminate killer of all those that get infected, you can now go back to living in fear as unfortunately studies show that if you are surviving on the vaccine defence only then your protection is back to pre vaccination days. I get the feeling some people prefer the fear factor.

Those who have been vaccinated and had a previous infection (preferably the wild or the Beta) are currently sporting the best chance of fighting off the Omicron.

“In conclusion, unless Omicron turns out to be much milder than previous variants, it is evident that current covid vaccines will have to be updated. The fact that current vaccines are no longer effective against Omicron (based on EUA standards) also means that any existing “vaccine passport” schemes and vaccine mandates have become obsolete and have to be suspended immediately.

“Ultimately, only widespread natural immunity will be able end the covid pandemic. The fact that millions of “unvaccinated” people are currently being threatened with losing their jobs, regardless of their actual immunity status, can only be described as a crime against humanity. Moreover, the fact that young people have been pressured to take an experimental – and now ineffective – vaccine, against a virus that poses very little risk to them, can only be described as a major medical crime.”

Finally, the arrival of immune-escape variants once again highlights the importance of early outpatient treatment of high-risk covid patients, regardless of their vaccination status.

tay tuned for Nurenberg two. 1000 lawyers and 10,000 medical experts have teamed up to start taking countries to task at this inhumanity that has spread the world. Poland is the first country to have had hearings on the treatment of its citizens. Something you won’t hear too much about in these heavily censored times.

Omicron Neutralization Update

link to studies below

Professor Alex Sigal of the African Health Research Institute in Durban, South Africa, has presented the first data on Omicron neutralization in Pfizer vaccine study participants, both with and without previous infection

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