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Thanks to Auckland Universities “COVID Plan B” for the heads-up on this one!

I bet all those still under Arderns fairy dust have absolutely no idea who Plan B is & why their voice is so important!!


The lockdowns in most Western countries have thrown the world into the most severe recession since World War II and the most rapidly developing recession ever seen in mature market economies. They have also caused an erosion of fundamental rights and the separation of powers in large part of the world as both democratic and autocratic regimes have misused their emergency powers and ignored constitutional limits to policy making (Bjørnskov and Voigt 2020). It is therefore important to evaluate whether and to which extent the lockdowns have worked as officially intended: to suppress the spread of the Sars-CoV-2 virus and prevent deaths associated with it.Comparing weekly mortality in 24 European countries, the findings in this paper suggest that more severe lockdown policies have not been associated with lower mortality. In other words, the lockdowns have not worked as intended. Further tests also show that early interventions offered no additional benefits or effectiveness and even indicate that the lockdowns of the spring of 2020 were associated with significantly more deaths in the particular age group between 60 and 79 years……As such, the data illustrate that strategic examples as are often used in popular media can be highly misleading, which necessitates a more comprehensive evaluation of lockdown efficacy.The main problem at hand is therefore that the evidence presented here suggests that lockdowns have not significantly affected the development of mortality in Europe. They have nevertheless wreaked economic havoc in most societies and may lead to a substantial number of additional deaths for other reasons. A British government report from April for example assessed that a limited lockdown could cause 185,000 excess deaths over the next years, while UNICEF warns of an increase in child marriages, owing to the economic effects of Western lockdowns in developing countries (DHSC 2020; Philipose and Aika 2021). Evaluated as a whole, at a first glance, the lockdown policies of the Spring of 2020 therefore appear to be substantial long-run government failures.”

May be an image of text that says "OXFORD ACADEMIC CESifo Economic Studies Did Lockdown Work? An Economist's Cross- -Country Comparison FREE Christian Bjornskov CESifO CESifo Economic Studies, ifab003, https:/o.or/1.109/cesfo/iab3 Published: 29 March 2021 PDF Split View " Cite Permissions Share"

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