Covid Relief Bill

Thank you President Trump! 100% that the bill is a disgrace! Nothing should be given to foreign countries when America needs relief. Thank you for calling them out on the bullshit A vetoed bill better suited for hard-working Americans and less for foreign countries, love my President. How anyone could think this “Covid relief” bill is for Americans has obvious not realized what a small portion of the funds actually go to AMERICANS! They should do a separate Covid relief bill that helps Americans especially since the money is ours!! No bill should ever be 5500 pages and they should never vote on a bill they haven’t read! It is not just Democrats, plenty of Republicans on the take, everyone needs to abandon both parties and vote as independents or we will forever remain divided. On that note…Why are we sending money to countries if we are trying to help our own people? This bill tells all, other countries are who the Democrats want to help and could care less about our veterans, homeless, elderly, and working middle class!Behind your little $600 check of the money they took from you in the first place… they used taxpayer money and additional interest-bearing debt for the following (a partial list):

5 Signs That Suggest Another Stimulus Check Is Coming

1) $300,000,000 for Migrant and Refugee Assistance pg.. 1472.

2) $10,000 per person for student loan bailout

3) $100,000,000 to NASA, because, who knows why

4) $20,000,000,000 to the USPS, because why not

5) $300,000,000 to the Endowment for the Arts – because of it

6) $300,000,000 for the Endowment for the Humanities/ because no one even knew that was a thing

7) $15,000,000 for Veterans Employment Training / for when the GI Bill isn’t enough

8) $435,000,000 for mental health support

9) $30,000,000,000 for the Department of Education stabilization fund/ because that will keep people employed (all those zeros can be confusing, that’s $30 BILLION)

10) $200,000,000 to Safe Schools Emergency Response to Violence Program

11) $300,000,000 to Public Broadcasting / NPR has to be bought by the Democrats

12) $500,000,000 to Museums and Libraries / Who knows how we are going to use it

13) $720,000,000 to Social Security Admin / but get this only $200,000,000 is to help people. The rest is for admin costs

14) $25,000,000 for Cleaning supplies for the Capitol Building / I kid you not it’s on page 136

15) $7,500,000 to the Smithsonian for additional salaries

16) $35,000,000 to the JFK Center for Performing Arts

17) $25,000,000 for additional salary for House of Representatives

18) $3,000,000,000 upgrade to the IT department at the VA

19) $315,000,000 for State Department Diplomatic Programs

20) $95,000,000 for the Agency of International Development

21) $300,000,000 for International Disaster Assistance

22) $90,000,000 for the Peace Corp pg. 148

23) $13,000,000 to Howard University pg. 121

24) $9,000,000 Misc. Senate Expenses pg. 134

25) $100,000,000 to Essential Air carriers pg. 162. This of note because the Airlines are going to need billions in loans to keep them afloat ($100,000,000 is chump change.)

26. $40,000,000,000 goes to the Take Responsibility to Workers and Families Act This sounds like it’s direct payments for workers pg. 164

27) $1,000,000,000 Airlines Recycle and Save Program pg. 163

28) $25,000,000 to the FAA for administrative costs pg. 165

29) $492,000,000 to National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) pg. 167

30) $526,000,000 Grants to Amtrak to remain available if needed through 2021 pg. 168 (what are the odds that doesn’t go unused) Hidden on page 174 the Secretary has 7 days to allocate the funds & notify Congress

31) $25,000,000,000 for Transit Infrastructure pg. 169

32) $3,000,000 Maritime Administration pg. 172

33) $5,000,000 Salaries and Expensive Office of the Inspector General pg. 172

34) $2,500,000 Public and Indian Housing pg. 175

35) $5,000,000 Community Planning and Development pg. 175

36) $2,500,000 Office of Housing

37) $1,300,000,000 billion to Egypt

38) $54,000,000,000 billion to state of NY

39) $453,000,000 million to Ukraine

40) $700,000,000 million to Sudan

41) $500,000,000 million to Israel

42) $250,000,000 million to Palestinians Stimulus bill: Cover for all the taxpayer money they funneled to the countries that donated to their campaigns. What DOES ALL of this have to do with the Virus? Are you calling your congressman and Senators yet? Uphold the U.S. Constitution President Trump. He asked to have it amended, if not amended, he has to pocket veto it! I will give up my $600 just to make sure these other countries don’t get OUR hard earned money! I say to President Trump, thank you for VETO the stimulus packet! STAND strong and STAND UP to the Democrats and all traitors! This is your moment to shine and stay in history as a glorious President. This is the time to make the greatest sacrifices possible for a country that loves you! DO NOT stop fighting for America! Lots are committing political suicide by not backing you right now Sir. We The People are watching very closely!

Trump rejects Covid relief bill, calling it 'a disgrace'

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