Creating warming by cooling the past.

A historical look at global and US temperature records shows a shift in data to suit the predictions.

Tony Heller has done a great piece of investigation work linked below on this historical temperature adjustments

It is interesting when “fact checking” the adjustments NASA and NOAA have made to the historical temperature records, is that the fact the records have been adjusted isn’t disputed.

It is the reasons behind why the historical data has been adjusted that is what is Fact Checked.

So the data has been adjusted even though here are some titles of articles fact checking this reality.

NASA did not create global warming by manipulating data

Was Global Warming Data ‘Faked’ to ‘Fit Climate Change Fictions’?

No climate conspiracy: NOAA temperature adjustments bring data closer to pristine

There are numerous credible climate scientist pages that make claim that the adjustments are for far more nefarious reasons than making the historical data “more accurate”

Check out Hellers work above and make up your mind in this adjusted temperature trend.

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