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Pornhub, parent company MindGeek, sued by child trafficking survivors.

Two child trafficking survivors have filed a lawsuit against porn company MindGeek and its popular adult video-sharing website, Pornhub, for victimizing and exploiting “child sex abuse material for profit.”

The victims identified as Jane Doe No. 1 and Jane Doe No. 2 are “victims and survivors of childhood sex trafficking who had videos and images of their childhood sex trafficking sold and/or distributed on websites” that MindGeek owns and operates.

“MindGeek’s business model facilitated a massive surge in child pornography by making it easy to access and distribute these horrific crime scenes throughout the world,” Gregory Zarzaur, founder of The Zarzaur Law Firm, who is representing the plaintiffs, said in a statement.

He added that the survivors “are proud to stand up for themselves and the multitude of other victims.”

Kimberly Adams, a partner at Levin Papantonio Rafferty, who is also representing the plaintiffs, said the lawsuit aims to “fix” the internet rather than “break it” by “eliminating MindGeek’s haven and marketplace for child rapists and pedophiles.”

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