Crossing The Rubicon

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By Jonathan Kennerley

This does sound like a pretty straightforward warning from Trump – so I wonder therefore, if in fact he is perhaps prepared to cross the Rubicon, so to speak.

Depending on which poll one reads, between 75 – 95% of Republicans and between 10 – 30% of Democrats believe Biden only “won” due to unprecedented levels of vote fraud/manipulation implemented via many different methods (but primarily 10s/100s of 1000s of fake ballots, and algorithmic manipulation in the Dominion Voting System’s process, and significantly concentrated in 5 key counties in 5 key swing states).

If one assumes this to be the case, Trump does have a considerable population majority mandate, and a moral mandate, to cross the Rubicon.

What is the moral mandate, one may ask? Simply: the opposition (the establishment) has already thrown the rule book out by cheating.

Not that it will necessarily need to come to Rubicon crossing: today, 7 States (all the contested ones) selected dual sets of competing electors (towards the electoral college vote); where this happens and the states cannot resolve the issue, ultimately Mike Pence (as President of the Senate) gets to choose which electoral votes count.

No points for guessing who Pence is going to choose, if it comes to that.

As an aside: with regards vote fraud/manipulation, one has to be a bit naive to demand “proof” – because proof is in the eye of the beholder. What you really mean is: “the evidence hasn’t caused me to change my mind” – because nothing in this world is “proven”. These days there are those who even dispute 2+2=4.

Rather, everything is down to a personal probability analysis based on one’s grasp (and use) of the weight of evidence. And naturally, that analysis – on any given subject – differs greatly from person to person based on all sorts of things – e.g. cognitive ability, ability to resist group think and of course very importantly, personal preference.

So in fact, one man’s mind-blowing evidence is another’s pile of dog poo. (The whole Covid/Lockdown debacle has been demoralizingly eye-opening to me in this regard).

I’ll add some links to some of the collated evidence (including today’s findings – which the Michigan governor tried to suppress – of the audit of a Dominion Voting System machine). It won’t do any good convincing Trump Haters, but oh well – I’m past trying to convince people. The government – particularly when hand in hand with the MSM – is much more effectively powerful in the art of “convincing” than I am, unfortunately.

I suppose by writing this I’m attempting to do two things: 1) provide some form of hope to those dismayed at the thought of massive vote manipulation becoming the norm in the US (Bernie Sanders supporters included); 2) to at least plant a seed of doubt in the minds of Trump Haters, in order to soften the blow for you should things not eventuate as your TV tells you they will, come January the 20th.[redacted].pdf

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