Crypto Asset News Update!

A grey drizzly day in paradise & we have incredibly bullish news for you, so…Letsssss goooo!

1) The president of El Salvador just tweeted that his country just bought ANOTHER 200 BTC, so that is 400 BTC that the government now own! Wowzer’s that is bullshit as he plans to buy even more!!! Tomorrow it goes live & is legal tender! This is a very special day people, the first country in the world! Think about that for a moment & remember how early we still are ๐Ÿ™‚ You’ll be wishing you could buy it so cheap @ $50k by Christmas time!

2) Total market cap is now $2.4 Trillion, Bitcoin is making a nice steady climb with very tame dips! But in the middle of writing this a decent shock wave lol. I lost 6% of my portfolio in 30mins, but has since recovered slightly to $4.4%. A nice healthy small correction so far! But the good news is large amounts of BTC is being taken off the exchanges & that means one thing, higher prices ๐Ÿ™‚

3) SOLANA SOLANA SOLANA!!! When we said it’s a run away train recently, we weren’t wrong, holy crap this thing is on fire! It hit a high of $195 USD today!! Wowzers that is 57% increase for the week & 384% increase for the month!!! 340% increase for the last 3 months & 6 months is 1233%!!! Massive congrats to those who bought in, including myself ๐Ÿ™‚ At time of writing it now sits @ $184 USD.

4) Recently a law change in Germany has made it possible for trading companies to offer upto 20% investment in Bitcoin! Union Invest is a German asset management company looking to take advantage of this, the others will obviously follow suit! Hugely bullish news!!

5) Cardano at time of writing has taken a healthy step back to $3755 USD. Is this the dip? It’s just 5 days until Smart Contracts & they go live on Mainnet, so will some early investors sell? Probably! Luckily I don’t give a monkeys about any of that because i’m hodling it long term!

6) Vechain! We’ve mentioned it many times but I keep banging on about it because every update I see is mind blowing! The VET token should be on your radar & i’ll put a link below to the latest update! Here’s one example of what it can do…..$4.5 Trillion dollars of counterfeit goods are sold each year & growing. Vechain solves this problem! It’s been pumping lately but is still only $0.14c USD!!! I don’t give financial advice because I can’t as I’m not a financial adviser but if I did, I would say check Vechain out now! Link below!

7) Polygon MATIC has just taken a 10% dive which looks attractive to buy @ $1.56 USD at time of writing!

8 ) The Winklevoss Twins, the Facebook guys, well they own 150,000 BTC, currently worth $7.7 Billion! There is 1.7 Million BTC is a “Zombie State”. This means they have NEVER moved! Most likely a collection of those stories we’ve all heard about lost passwords & lost hard drives. This will be where they lie dormant forever, no really. You cant get them back! Remember there is only ever going to be $21 Million BTC & the last one will be mined in the year 2140!

9) Did you know there is only 2,191,013 BTC left to be mined? Tesla own 43,200 BTC! Remember when the first transaction took place? A pizza was bought for 10,000 BTC lol. The most expensive Pizza in history!

10) Eth has hit a major milestone & become deflationary, so is the flippening imminent? Will Eth take the top spot?

11) Scams, they are everywhere! Ignore anyone in the chat section of ANY site including right here! There are lots of scammers posting nonsense scams & will sometimes use our logo’s so look like this page! And under no circumstances will this page EVER ask you for money or private message you in order to invest! This page is a media outlet, we don’t offer financial advice & will NOT EVER ask for money. Stick to the basic rules of buy only from a trusted exchange, not sure which ones, just ask!

LINK: VeChain Video – Just 10mins long.

Why 10,000 is a good number of VET to own.

10,000 VET = $1434 USD as time of writing

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