Crypto Asset News Update!

It’s an overcast day (again) in paradise & we have hugely bullish news once again for you, so…Letsssss goooo!

1) Amberdata, a Crypto focused data startup has raised $15 Million led by Citi Bank! One of their Analysts made a public declaration at the start of this year that Bitcoin will reach $400,000! All the major banks & minor banks are lining up folks! How much longer than the price of Bitcoin stay under $50k? The pressure is building! It’s palpable!

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2) Holy crap! Wall Street titan, Goldman Sachs have secured a Patent related to Crypto! Specifically “Systems & methods for updating a distributed ledger on partial validations of transactions!

3) Another “Holy Crap”…..NYDIG is a leading technology & financial services firm dedicated to Bitcoin. Guess what they just did? They just formed a partnership which will allow MVB’s financial technology, or Fintech, clients to offer Bitcoin-related products through NYDIG’s platform! This partnership with MVB represents an important milestone for Bitcoin,” said Patrick Sells, NYDIG’s chief innovation officer! Wow folks, everyday I find more & more amazingly bullish news! At this point, i’ll be writing the rest of this article without pants on!

4) Last post I spoke of the “Golden Cross” that just formed, the 50 Day Moving Average & the 200 DMA collided. The last time that happened was May 21th 2020 when BTC went from approx $8,000 USD to $64,829 on April 16 this year! I imagine we’ll start seeing “long positions” being placed soon by those that trade! You are encouraged to go pantless with me from this point on!

5) While this current monetary system is set for a few at the top to get richer & richer at many peoples expense, Crypto is here to level the playing field! Check out what is happening in Africa! The Crypto market there has increased by 1200% since 2020. This is fantastic news for all those countries that are plagued by the Rothchild’s Et Al & their own corrupt officials, the tide is turning for the poor of which some 30% of the globe is unbanked! All you need is a cellphone & a digital wallet & you are your own bank! Financial services & freedom!!

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6) Wall Street heavy weight “Morgan Stanley” launches dedicated Cryptocurrency research team! At times like these I just laugh when I think back to how many people i’ve encountered that “poo poo” Crypto. You just want to shake some sense into them lol. If only they would stop being know it all’s & just listen/read to what is going on in this space! For us it’s the worst kept secret in the world & for them it’s pure ignorance!

7) Google joins the party by partnering with NFT leader Dapper Labs to support Flow Blockchain. How long until Google themselves announce they bought BTC to put on the balance sheet. Still got pants on?

8 ) I mentioned earlier I picked up the Solana dip today @ $150 USD. It was a risky move on my part so DYOR if you are thinking of jumping in now. I only took the chance as I have 22 different positions so am well hedged! What I can say is there has been an update & they were attacked by BOTS which overwhelmed the network. The good news is they have a solution & are working on it. SOL is the worlds fastest Blockchain with hardware the only bottle neck that can slow it down. It’s touted as being able to handle 50,000+ Transactions Per Second (TPS) (Ethereum is 15 TPS) and it took these cheeky BOTS 400,000 TPS to crash the system! That is bullish as hell, it actually looks like they did Solana a favour, what a test! SOL is currently 9% up in the last 8hrs now trading @ $163 USD (ATH $215)

9) Scams, they are everywhere! Ignore anyone in the chat section of ANY site including right here! There are lots of scammers posting nonsense scams & will sometimes use our logo’s so look like this page! And under no circumstances will this page EVER ask you for money or private message you in order to invest! This page is a media outlet, we don’t offer financial advice & will NOT EVER ask for money. Stick to the basic rules of buy only from a trusted exchange, not sure which ones, just ask! PS: If you like what we do, please like & follow the page & feel free to share our posts with friends & family & you’re welcome to discuss these updates below in the comments sections.

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