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1) Fan Tokens! Legendary football team AC Milan’s Fan Token just went bonkers today in the early hours of Wednesday morning. It leap from $8.08 USD to $11, went sideways for for approx 13 hours then shot up again to a shade under $15 USD before settling to $14 at time of writing. These Fan Tokens are amazing! You can now interact with your favourite football team in ways that will blow your mind! Through the miracle of Blockchain technology you can now vote & be part of certain decision making in your favourite football club!! Wow! And it doesn’t end there! You can also become eligible for engagement based team rewards for things like, watching games as a VIP guest in club hospitality & meet players! And even recognition like appearing via video link on the LED boards at the stadium during a match. It also includes a leaderboard feature where fans will receive rewards points based on how hey interact with their teams through the app allowing fans to compete to become the number 1 fan in their country! lol awesome! And if all that wasn’t enough when your favourite team gets an amazing goal they can mint a limited run NFT of that moment! In saying all that the tokenomics are worth considering! 20 Million tokens in total supply with a shade over 3 Million in circulation & they have a linear vesting schedule which sees some 2.2 million tokens introduced each year for approx 8yrs when they reach the MC. So the question is, will their be enough demand in the next 8yrs? Link to the Fan Token page below & most interesting is the Fan Token Rank page, check out all the names of the worlds top sport teams like The Boston Celtics, in Motorsports Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin & many more….

2) So while we’re on the subject, Chiliz! That’s the main platform for fan tokens like above so is worth checking out for a possible long term hodl! I think this space has real potential as sports is already a huge part of many peoples lives. Along with titans like Dallas Mavericks owner, Billionaire Mark Cuban. He’s a massive crypto fan. His team recently announced they will be accepting Doge for payment on their website, hilarious considering it started out as a joke. Chiliz is currently sitting at $0.34c USD down from the ATH of $0.89c in mid April. It’s slipped back over the last 6 months by 44% so is well worth looking at now, it smells like a buy to me! So DYOR & maybe you’ll see long term value.


3) Polygon hodlers! Keep the faith! MATIC will have it’s day in the sun again soon enough! Trading sideways for what feels like an eternity! If you don’t know it, it might be worth a look! Polygon combines the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains into a full-fledged multi-chain system. Polygon solves problem area’s associated with Blockchains, like high gas fees & slow speeds, without sacrificing on security. This multi-chain system is like others such as Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche, but with at least three major upsides: 1) It is able to fully benefit from Ethereum’s network effects 2) It is inherently more secure 3) It is more open and powerful! It’s ranked #22, tis currently trading at $1.36c USD but is a shade over 9% DOWN for the last 3 months but up 227% over 6months with an ATH of $2.68. This is well worth DYOR on to see if you like it! I did & have a good sized bag of this staked @ 10% so has the added benefit of the miracle of compounding interest! When you earn interest & reinvest it over a long period of time, that is a financial miracle & one of the tricks to getting wealthy. Make your money work for you!

4) Market Watch: We’ve seen a little injection of life in the last 24hrs. Here’s A few note worthy, the above Fant Tokens of course along with DERC aka Derace, i’ve spoken of this one before, the Horse Racing game, that’s enjoyed a 28% gain in 24hrs & inches towards its ATH of $4.26, now trading @ $3.46 USD. Smooth Love Potion, Axie Infinity’s side Token, pumped almost 18% in the same time which appears to be playing catch up. BTC has pushed through the $48k level of resistance & now sits @ $48,500 USD with all time lows of supply, it’s ready to blow it’s top! But don’t discount the fact it MAY see another round of downward pressure before it pumps ergo: don’t go long with ya house on the line lol. Solana holds steady @ $160 US while the market processes exactly what happened. I’m pretty confident this is just early growing pains as its still in the BETA phase which is why I bought the dip yesterday! ETH enjoyed an overdue 5% climb to $3,544 USD as well as Cardano @ a 4% increase, to $2.53 USD which will settle the nerves of anyone late to the party! And Uniswap is seemingly shrugging off Ginsler’s threats to go after them by posting an almost 20% increase in the last 7 days! How ya like them apples Gary! lol. ARK & AVAX also performing well with 16% & 12% gains respectively. What is also interesting to note is the worst performers. I check this often and as I write the WP’s are thin on the ground, very bullish!

5) ETH’s poster child, Vitalik Buterin is in the running for Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” after making it onto “the most influential list”. This is fantastic news for the entire Crypto space IMO as the main stream exposure is priceless advertising!

6) Famous hedge fund investor, Billionaire, Ray Dalio pours cold water on Cathy Woods speech from Monday suggesting BTC will hit $400,000 to $500,000 in the next 5yrs & his reason? If BTC is TOO successful the US government will kill it, says Mr Dalio. Baaa ha ha ha ha, cool story Ray, needs more dragons! You cannot kill BTC, that’s the whole point of it, the leeches on capital hill & Wall Street, cannot stop it which is why the latter is piling in! Ignore the FUD folks, when you are over the target, you cop the most flak! There is a limited supply & the clock is ticking as most of it has already been mined, AND THEY KNOW IT!!

7) And just to stick it Ray Dalio one more time, Billionaire investor Steven A Cohen, who owns Major League Baseball team “The New York Mets”, is about to invest in a new Cryptocurrency trading firm. Here is yet another titan of Wall Street getting in on the action! Comments from detractors at this point are getting more & more comical. Sorry, not sorry Ray lol

8) Solana update: Did you know that Layer 1 protocols have ALL been subject to hacks, exploits & bugs in the past? Nothing new. The ones that have survived have gone on only to grow stronger. Remember its in the BETA phase so quite natural to hit a speed bump or two along the way. Rest assured the highly experienced team patched the issue in amazing time so it’s back to business as usual & that is rapid adoption! SOL’s CEO, Anatoly Yakavenko said in response to this event that it was better to happen now rather than when there is 1 Billion users! Fair point to make! Also note worthy is the fact Ethereum has had more than one DOS attack in it’s early days, so upwards & onwards as it continues exponential growth!

What is Solana - TyN Magazine

9) Do you have friends & family that think you’re a space cadet for playing around with “Magic Internet Money”? I sure do! Use this resource to help them see what you see. These updates are not just designed to help those too busy to follow the latest news but as a resource to educate those around you. If you send your buddy a link to a 3hr Youtube video about Crypto, few will watch that. Think of this topic as an Elephant! How do you eat an Elephant? That’s right, one bite at a time. You have to take time between meals to digest & you certainly cannot eat a weeks worth of food in one sitting! So use these updates to nudge your buddies along the path to enlightenment. Sit down with them next time you catch up & help them download a digital wallet. Be a good bastard & throw a small amount of BTC or ETH in there. Even $10 is a start! It’s the best chance you have to light the flame! Imagine if everyone did that!

10) I was doing some digging on life in El Salvador last night, seems there is very little real estate available for sale in Playa El Zonte aka “Bitcoin beach”. It’s population is just 3,000 in the small seaside town which is the birth place for BTC adoption. It’s located approx 55mins drive from San Salvador, the nations capital which has a population of approx 2.4 Million. Property prices in El Salvador are very reasonable outside of the capital. I suspect that will change over time! One listing I found was $9 Million USD for a water front chunk of land comprising some 30 Manzana (approx 74 Acres). So it appears the real estate boom has already started! BTC has legal tender in less than 2 weeks & the prospects of the country are turning! THAT is what i’m talking about! This is SUCH a massive FUCK YOU to the Rothchild’s & the rest of these scumbags behind the curtain! Power to the people! Link below if you get carried away & want to buy land in El Salvador lol

11) Scams, they are everywhere! Ignore anyone in the chat section of ANY site including right here! There are lots of scammers posting nonsense scams & will sometimes use our logo’s so look like this page! And under no circumstances will this page EVER ask you for money or private message you in order to invest! This page is a media outlet, we don’t offer financial advice & will NOT EVER ask for money. Stick to the basic rules of buy only from a trusted exchange, not sure which ones, just ask!

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