Crypto Asset News Update!

Another beautiful day in paradise & we have more bullish news for you, so…

Letsssss goooo!

1) Bitcoin miners & Oil & Gas managers caught up for a chin wag at a meeting in Houston, the topic of conversation was “stranded” natural gas to power BTC minings rigs so it’s a win win as the miners get cheap erergy & the Oil & Gas guys make income otherwise not there! This is a Trifecta!

2) The World Economic Forum has named XRP as most relevant Crypto asset in CBDC space. When the WEF back a Crypto, one could be forgiven for getting excited about that project! XRP says that central banks around the space are locked in an arms race to develop their own CBDCs. The payments startup highlights that by “ensuring a level of interoperability,” central banks can leverage XRP to support and facilitate the use of CBDCs.

XRP is faster, less costly and more scalable than any other digital asset, making it the ideal instrument in bridging two different currencies quickly and efficiently. Price prediction by 2021 end is $10USD.

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3) The SEC are eyeing up UNI Swap now which is an odd choice considering how well it’s going! However it’s pumping along nicely with just over $10% this week & over 17% this last month! That aside, i’m not selling any of my UNI as this is yet another hit job from the SEC, obviously going into bat on behalf of legacy money!

4) Polygon aka MATIC is one of the Alts pumping right now sitting pretty on $1.75 (ATH of $2.68) so still got plenty of head room. Today’s gains were 12%, 24% this last week & 67% for this month! Many addresses holding millions of dollars in MATIC, colloquially known as “whales,” have drastically increased their positions.

The wallets on the network with 10,000 to 10,000,000 MATIC have acquired roughly 54,370,000 tokens since Aug. 22, worth more than $76 million. I’ve got a nice bag of these when I doubled my position on Aug 2nd @ $1.07 USD so loving this news!

5) Cardano FUD circles the market but prices remain stable a shade under $3, one week until the Smart Contract Upgrade!

6) Bitcoin is holding nicely @ $50k USD, Axie Infinity smashing to yet another ATH of $94, has since settled to $86 USD.

7) A senior strategist from Bloomberg just said BTC is a global reserve asset on the path to $100k USD. Pretty bullish when so many heavy hitters in the world of finance are all expecting the same outcome!

8 ) If you have access to cheap power then mining is an ideal way to make a living! Venezuela is one such country to take advantage of this & due to being economically screwed this is the obvious path forward to combat cripplying hyper inflation.

9) There are a growing number of companies across a plethora of industries, from big tech to airlines, who are embracing cryptocurrencies, allowing customers to use them as an official method of payment for their goods and services including here in New Zealand. Here’s just a few names you might recognise….Pavilion Hotels & Resorts, AXA Insurance, Microsoft, Starbucks, Tesla, Amazon, Visa, Paypal, Sotheby’s, Coca Cola, Expedia & Mag & Turbo New Lynn. Pretty damn bullish!

10) Pretty hilarious for those watching the clown show on display at the SEC. How embarrasing for them to have one of their own commisioners saying Gary Ginsler is wrong, she went on to confirm that there was no policy until 2018! That’s NOT a good look for your very public court case that you’re currently loosing!

11) The BIGGEST Bitcoin whale has been busy! This moon bag is 108,433 Bitcoins valued at $5.4 Billion! This massive whale sold 1500 BTC a couple of days ago when we were at a line of resistence & contines to try buy the dips & take a bit of profit at resistence levels. This wallet started with a purchase of 10,000 BTC in April of 2019 & grew it to 108,433!!!

12) Scams, they are everywhere! Stick to the basic rules of buy only from a trusted exchange, not sure which ones, just ask! Ignore anyone in the chat section of ANY site including right here! There are lots of scammers posting nonsense scams. And under no circumstances will this page EVER ask you for money or private message you in order to invest! This page is a media outlet, we don’t offer financial advice & will NOT EVER ask for money.

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