Cycle Bridge “Stupidly Expensive”

Will the Lycra Brigade be declined their “God given right” to cycle from Northcote to Herne Bay?

Fresh off telling New Zealand that yacht races aren’t worth any more than $99 million. Ardern now has to justify what will end up being a billion dollar bridge, for those very angry they can’t join cars across the Waitamata.

Michael Wood was forced to do what Ardern wouldn’t and release the real benefit-to-cost (BTC) ratio of the $785 million project, which has the bridge return 0.4 to 0.6 for every dollar spent.

Woods wants the numbers re looked at as he thinks the BTC can be improved. No doubt with some more creative accounting. This is likely based on 3,000 cyclist per day – if you believe that number, I have a bridge to sell you. Oh wait, that’s now the PM’s job. Good Luck Ardern and Woods.

Perhaps Julie-Anne Genter has something on our PM, as she seems to get what she wants without having to justify how. Who remembers the secret letter that halted a second tunnel in Wellington?

Being the queen of the Lycra Brigade we may see if she gets her way again.

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