Data tracked from the CDC shows alarming increases in non COVID-19 mortality

Complete data analysis on an ongoing basis is confirming what a lot of other data experts have found in many other regions.

There is a direct link between the vaccine and an onset of disease.

Regardless of whether you are pro vaccine or not, I am (or at least used to be) very pro vaccine’s.

This doesn’t mean you leap at the chance of taking any medication because your Government says it is safe and effective.

I have someone very close to me who’s untimely passing is not recorded as a vaccine injury. I cannot be certain it was, but the onset of a very rare and aggressive cancer coincides with the vaccine roll out and she was in remission prior to COVID-19.

It is now irrefutable that cancers, particularly lymphomas are on the rise. Even incredibly rare and aggressive lymphomas such as cutaneous gamma/delta T cell lymphomas, of which I now have witnessed it’s cruel pathogenesis.

So rare and aggressive is this disease that there is no treatment, however the Oncologist did muse that he had suddenly found himself with a number of patients of this rare cancer at the current time.

I dare say all of them an onset from the vaccine but we will never know.

Just so you are aware of how rare this disease is, as of 2012 only 40 cases had ever been reported world wide. Now in little old New Zealand one oncologist had several patients with this disorder?

The data in the article at the top is pure data collection with no agenda involved. I am more than aware that the roll out of the vaccine and mass adoption means this is a touchy subject.

By far the majority of the population have participated, and probably most are willing to maintain the narrative that it was for the best. After all you can’t undo a vaccine.

However as the data unfolds, I would like to see the people and organisations such as Medsafe, Bloomfield and anyone else empowered to guard us against the tyranny of pharmaceutical companies, do their job more diligently.

The supposed rapidly changing sphere of the pandemic is not an excuse to cause further harm by pegging all your hopes on a rushed vaccine will willingly banning lower cost interventions with no grounds on why.

More to come on this one.

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