Dear New Zealand

I am an aging Boomer

Now in my twilight years

Jacinda’s far left government

Is fuelling my worst fears

I see a world turned upside down

I see a bleak tomorrow

I worry for my grandchildren

And shake my head in sorrow

I see my values cast aside

The morals I hold dear

Honesty and integrity

Consigned to yesteryear

How dare they cry with Woke outrage

That Boomers are to blame

For poverty and homelessness

Whatever they care to name!

My father fought in World War 2

For liberty and truth

Together with many millions more

He sacrificed his youth

We need to learn from history

Not erase it or deny

It’s no good chasing unicorns

And scorning days gone by

Hate speech laws will be here soon

And we must all take heed

Beware of Cancel culture

Beware the far left creed

Or it’s goodbye cherished freedoms

What we can say and do

Where we’ll go and who we’ll meet

What I can say to you

Jacinda is a master

Of propaganda and spin

I have shivers down my spine

As I survey the mess we’re in

By Val Davis

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