Democrats concerned over growth of Black White Supremacists

Straight from the “you couldn’t make this shit up” file. It seems the colour of your skin will not disqualify you from being labelled a white supremacist.

Biden is already on record on the campaign trial of accusing coloured people, who considered voting for Trump, as not being black.

But as the push continues of claiming that white supremacy is the greatest terrorist threat in the USA, no one is immune from being labelled such aforementioned domestic terrorist.

Blacks have a name for their fellow coloured friends who are conservatives and don’t buy into the systemic racism claims of the likes of BLM, which is a “Coon,” it is also one of Australia’s favourite cheese brands, but that is typically yellow.

But don’t worry, the healing process is about to start. Biden is going to stamp out these domestic terrorist white supremacists regardless of what colour they are.

Of course it is really that these deluded coloured people have been brainwashed by Trumps Tweets and have developed a desire to vote orange. That is their real crime. But that doesn’t present as well in the media as it turns out orange is also a colour…. for now any way. But Orange is rumored to soon be banned from twitter, Facebook and vitamin C

The reality is, like many family members who have become severed from their loved ones (by their political alliance), if you don’t hate Trump – then you need to be exiled from the group. You know because it is you who is the racist segregationist and therefore you need to be removed from society.

Of course we know hypocrisy is the favoured state of mind of the haters who occupy the liberal and progressive left. And it turns out that orange has turned blacks into whites and 75 million white supremacist’s who are all the colours of the rainbow.

Speaking of the rainbow, it seems that we now are not allowed to differentiate between biological sexes anymore either. Whilst this may seem fine on the surface of it, save some empathy for all those women’s sport professionals who now get the pleasure of being forced to have to face off against biological men who are now legally identify as women.

It is now possible to be born a black man, to only then become a white supremacist woman, to then become a MMA fighter and legally beat up other women who were born a biological women. But you cant leave home without a mask.

What will they think of next?

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