Denmark ends pandemic

While NZ remains in La La Land with increasingly illogical rules, the Danes have resumed normality.

The difference is Denmark didn’t politicise epidemiology and the media did what the media should do, and started reporting with facts.

The Danes have removed all regulations introduced during the pandemic and have compared the new variant to a cold stating the virus no longer represents a threat.

that will have gone through the population over the next few weeks. No more requirements to isolate, no requirement to spread the fear porn via a complicit politicised media

Ironically their infection rate is through the roof right now.

The death rate is also not at zero

With 44 people in ICU right now whilst the 7 day average infection rate is over 40,000 per day. The need to have restrictions on the population is no longer justified. Almost a million confirmed infections occurred in January alone.

The only rule that remains is if you want to visit and you haven’t been vaccinated, you need to provide a negative PCR test.

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