Denmark suspends vaccination program

Denmark was the first country to identify that the onset of Omicron meant there was no longer a public health threat from COVID-19.

They now will stop the vaccination program.

It is interesting that their reasoning is the vaccine uptake

“The Danish Health Authority said it had decided to “wind down” the rollout from 15 May because so many people have had the vaccine, new infections are falling and hospitalisation rates are stabilising.”

Being on day five of the dreaded virus myself as an over weight, unfit asthmatic unvaccinated person who drinks way too much wine. My symptoms so far have been a temperature for 1 day and a little more lethargic than usual. Also a shorter fuse than normal

Schmee commented that it was physically impossible for me to be more lethargic and perhaps this is in my imagination. He could be right however, as most people who are getting the virus now realise, it is a mild virus that anyone with a healthy immune system (regardless of your jab status) will easily manage.

As I have stated, I am not in peak shape by any stretch of the imagination, but have always had an immune system capable of dealing with viral colds and other bugs that have found their way into my being.

So Denmarks claim of the Country reaching the vaccination status may well be the narrative for halting the vaccine.

The reason for the drop in hospitalisations and deaths however, are far more likely to be more to do with factors that are completely unrelated to the vaccine.

We are told that the vaccine prevents hospitalisation and death. A recent Danish study has found the mortality claim there to not hold water.

The reality with the spread of COVID in Denmark, has seen a country of 5.8 million people register just shy of 3 million cases of COVID. That’s some pretty serious saturation of COVID.

We know that 33% of the population already contain T cells in the mucous that prevent COVOD infections and we also know that many many infections of the Omicron go un reported.

Mathematically speaking you could not get closer to herd immunity in a population if you tried.

So the authorities can claim that it is the vaccine and booster status of the country that is the reason for the halting of the vaccine program, but given the fact the vaccine didn’t stop you getting omicron or passing it on. The claim is not the most credible coming out of this Scandinavian country.

What about masks?

Watching the champions league football this week, I was informed that the entire town of Villa Real, one of the Spanish clubs in the semi finals of the hugely popular competition, could fit into the Anfield stadium with some seats left over for good measure. The stadium’s capacity is 53,394.

As the cameras swept by the tightly packed enthusiastic fans, I noticed something that warmed the cockles of my belly.

Here are some photos


If you look closely you can see people smiling, laughing, cheering and singing with wide open mouths.

Why? Because they have no masks on.

This is what it is like when your government says enough is enough with pointless mandates.

Do we think thousands of Liverpudlians were at risk of a super spreader event here, were they stupidly putting themselves and their fellow fans at great risk? Was there a note on the chair telling them not to sing like our children are told not to sing when they go to school here in NZ?

No they f’ing weren’t. They had a great time watching the football, went and had a few pints afterwards and got on with their lives.

When is the horse in charge of NZ going to let it go?

The vaccines were a failed experiment, it was a huge demonstration of why we have not bothered with vaccines for rapidly mutating viruses before now. By the time it is available the virus has moved on. everyone has had the seasonal colds and most of us will live to fight another day.

It is time we moved on too


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