Dent in Trumps bid to claim victory

The Supreme court has declined the request to nullify Joe Biden’s election victory in Pennsylvania, even though a lower level judge had said that the claim would likely succeed on its merits.

An injunction was ordered on certifying the election results and then almost immediately overturned by the Pennsylvania high court on the bases of laches which is Court talk for tardiness.

The Supreme court of Pennsylvania claimed that Trumps team waited too long to bring a claim, suggesting that they “just aren’t happy with the outcome.”

However to be fair to the Pennsylvania voter, it would have been quite inappropriate to rule out 2.5 million votes due to the legislators failure to update their constitution.

There are more genuine ways of this election to be brought into contention. Whilst this move would have been a big win for the Trump team, it would have been unjust to people who voted by mail in good faith. These reasons are potentially why Justice Alito refused to have it heard in the Supreme Court.

There is still much to come out and for SCOTUS to be entertained they need genuine articles of contention.

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