Did the FDA really approve the Pfizer vaccine.

Short answer is, no, it’s trickery.

They didn’t approve the Pfizer vaccine that everyone is getting. They approved a newer version of the vaccine that is not available to the public.

This means the vaccines hat everyone is being offered is still only approved for emergency use.

It’s this sort of trickery that makes people suspicious of why these kinds of devious behaviour occur with this virus response.

Deliberately increasing the numbers of infections with a PCR testing regime that even the WHO now admit was giving false results.

That’s right Siouxsie, I have not forgotten your PCR accuracy video, even though it’s mysteriously vanished from existence off the internet.

They increased the death count by labelling any one with Covid (even if it was only suspected) a Covid fatality.

No one will forget the motorcyclist who died in an accident, but had Covid, so was added to the death count.

Or in NZ the lady in her 90’s, who not just once, but twice tested negative to COVID and still got her death certificate claiming she was a victim of the virus. Seems they may have known more about false positives and negatives than they let in at the time. How else could you justify that?

Then you have the wearing of masks. Fauci said it, Bloomfield said it, decades of scientific studies said it. “Masks are useless against realities viruses”

12 recent studies say that masks do nothing.

Yet that story changed to you must wear masks.

This isn’t a harmless bit of misinformation either. People have spread the virus more with the belief masks are a free pass to intermingle whilst actively being infected.

And now you have this trickery from the FDA, who are now being sued doe their slight of hand manoeuvre.

Watch our favourite legal eagles discuss the case and the trick that has been played on the world.

If you wanted to make people suspicious about vaccines and the legitimate nature of the pandemic, you couldn’t go about it any better.

Single handedly it has taken the uptake of vaccines from in the 90’s to down into the 70’s.

Turning people who are advocates of vaccines into sceptics is some achievement. Even immunologists are refusing to take the vaccine. What does that tell you. there is a reason a large percentage of health workers are unvaccinated. Why do you think that is?

And no it doesn’t make you an anti vaxer thank you very much. Being suspicious of governments mandating experimental vaccinations for a virus that has over a 99% survival rate, and one that doesn’t even stop you being able to pass it on. Is simply called weighing up your options and risk.

I challenge anyone to a game of “whose had more vaccinations.” I suspect I will win 95% of the time

So before you go around accusing everyone who is cautious, an “anti vaccination nutter.” How about you look at the infection rates of the vaccinated globally, the fact that you still need to wear a mask regardless of your vaccination status. And wonder if you have just been part of a larger social experiment to the benefit of big Pharma.

That goes to you to David Seymour and your attempts to claim freedom of choice.

Divide us and pit neighbour against neighbour is straight out of the tyrants playbook. Shame on you who comply with your dob in your neighbour and your moral superiority over your vaccination status.

I am hearing more and more of, those kind of sheep, who are high on their vaccination status. Like they have now done their bit for society and those that don’t comply are endangering our existence. How about we look at reality before you try not to use your jab as a swastika thank you.

Firstly though, congratulations on getting the vaccine, I don’t hold that against you and so you are aware, science now concludes that you had 2 weeks of of immunity, which has now worn off, you have a few months of lowering your risk of hospitalisation. And now you are back to being just as able to pass it on and catch it as the unvaccinated. Until you get your next booster.

Meanwhile those of us that are cautious can wait for better options to be available and we don’t need your advice or male calling. Waiting for a safe vaccine that works as a vaccine and not a temporary prophylactic is not being anti vax.

Don’t believe me? then you may be interested to learn that in a country with close to 70% vaccinations, being Israel. Has 80% of their hospitalisations being those that are twice jabbed.

They used vaccination passports too, which meant the vaccinated could go out and mingle with each other and those that weren’t had to stay away.

They now have the highest infection rate in world per capita. So stick that in your superiority pipe and smoke it.

Stop all the self righteous behaviour please. From the media personalities, down to the social justice warriors who have become the self appointed Gestapo. The reality is you didn’t do it for the team did you?

You are doing it because you want to travel again, admit it.

And to our so called experts, start being honest about the realities of the virus and the vaccine. Stop the fear mongering

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