Did the U.N. interfere with U.S. election?

What was the United Nations doing meeting with far left individuals and Facebook prior to the 2020 election?

“Last week, The Gateway Pundit (TGP) broke two exclusive stories about the involvement of NASS and NASED with a U.N. committee of election observers in 2018 and 2020. That committee is the OSCE PA / ODIHR, which stands for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly / the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.”

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“NASS and NASED both met with the U.N. committee in 2018 and in 2020 and were explicitly thanked by the committee, in their reports, for all their help with the U.N. election observation operation and meetings. It is, therefore, presumed that it was NASS and NASED leadership that generated the targeted list of U.S. nonprofits which the U.N. teams met with in May 2018 and in May 2020.”

One of the organisations was the one that distributed the half a billion dollars of Zuckerberg funds to assist the elections particularly in the swing states.

It is obvious the U.N. had a vested purpose for ousting Trump as as the largest doner country they would have seen risk in losing much needed donations.

In 2020 a U.N committee had meetings with Zuckerberg and other execs and no one seems to know what these high power meeting were all about

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EXCLUSIVE: The UN Met with Targeted US Far Left Individuals and Entities Before the 2020 Election – What Did They Discuss and Did They Interfere in the 2020 Election?

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