Diesel shortages in EU this winter and nuclear catastrophe

Desperate times lead to desperate measures.

The biggest of these measures is the shelling of the Zapirozhya nuclear plant by Ukrainian forces.

This is both crazy and a clever ploy at the same time. Not so clever if Mullins die, but it is forcing an issue which could lead to a demilitarisation zone.

This would put a large thorn in the side of the Russian advancement in the area.

It will be interesting to see what comes next with this very dangerous tactic.

E.U. Running out of Diesel

Europe’s heavy reliance on Russian fuel is seeing Diesel levels drop with winters arrival seeing the precious fuel running critically low.

Winter is when I predict Europe will be forced to negotiate with Russia.

Alternatives are low on the ground

On another energy matter

Scholz demands Russia collects the freshly repaired turbine to restore gas flowing back through the Nordstream pipeline.

Gazprom has said this can be done when agreements can be met around the sanctions.

If no security around dealing with the maintenance of turbines and other aspects of the gas pipes then the Russians have stated the turbine can stay where it is and gas will continue to run at 20% capacity..

Business in Germany are starting to put pressure on the government t to sort out these issues which is stifling productivity.

In October the average high is 12 degrees and the average low is 6 degrees. By December the high is 4 degrees and the low is 0.

Taking cold showers will be unbearable.

All in all this is and was very predictable.

Here is another reminder of Hermany being forewarned while they laughed at the idea

Oh how they rubbished Trumps concernes

I bet she understands now if not then

They are looking at having to turn the power off all together this winter. It will lead to riots, protests and other issues of what having no energy entails.

This is a little look into what a war on fossil fuels leads to.

Green energy struggling to look fit for purpose will be the outcome of this dozen hungry winter.

This is the outcome if the NATO countries do not come back to the negotiating table

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