Dim the sun?

Something that many forget about is how little data we have on global temperature. It wasn’t until the era of the satellite that we have actual global data this was just before 1980.

Prior to that, the most accurate areas where we have data are the USA and Europe. The further back we go the data becomes speculative at best.

By far the best data is the USA which if you look at the raw (unadjusted) data shows that the temperature has been generally cooling over the past 140 years. As many of you will pick up on, 140 years is a short amount of time when we deal with the weather patterns that cycle on anything from a 24 hour period to 100,000 years.

Once again we rely on Tony Heller to remind us just how little of an issue this hoax climate emergency is. from a climate point of view anyway. When it comes to some scientific suggestions you may scratch your head


Yes that is right they are discussing dimming the sun by polluting the atmosphere. what could go wrong?

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