Disinformation Campaign?

Things are just getting crazier and crazier with Trumps legal battle with election fraud.

Rumour is Sidney Powell is potentially the victim of a clever disinformation campaign to try and put the Trump legal team off the scent.

Powell has been fed info that is so shocking that she has come out saying that there is something rotten to the core with the election computer counting of ballots. Those hoping to see a fraudulent election exposed through Powells revelations now may be disappointed.

This doesn’t mean Trumps legal team have no hope, it just means they don’t want the distraction of Powells claims. Particularly if they are easily debunked in court.

Seems the Trump legal team are going to carry on with the impropriety argument rather than the massive claims of systemic vote manipulation.

The smart money is saying that the challenge of the signature checking is what the Democrats want to avoid.

This is where a good chunk of ballots could be struck off and reduce Bidens Electoral College vote.

It’s a shame really, as I was looking forward to Powell unleashing the Kraken.

Secretly I hope i’m wrong and Powell has info that sink the deep state for 100 years. Perhaps Tucker Carlson was right to press her on what she has to prove her theories. I understand she is carrying on with her crusade so all the power to her.

It does mean I am now dropping from 30% chance down to 20% chance of Trump pulling this off. but hey a chance is a chance.

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