Do they really think sanctions will work?

The Duran is a geopolitical commentary duo who have some good insights into the Ukraine incursion.

The West and abundance of wokeness has made countries like India, China and not side with the west on punishing the Russians.

While Hilary Clinton blames Trump for this, the entire West may want to have a good look in the mirror at what we have become.

Just imagine Russia, China and India being big bed fellows with a huge growing middle class.

Many will follow and the days of the dominance of Uncle Sam and the EU will be a new part of history lessons.

But maybe some stern words will sort it all out. Here is NATO

Can’t imagine why Putin went, Yeah, Na

Maybe a telling off from Trudeau will help after he resorted to a Putin style takedown of protestors.

After sending in thugs to his own peaceful protest, enacting the emergencies act and freezing his own peoples bank accounts, he has a straight face saying this.

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