Do we trust the Mahuta’s?

If they want to give Māori co-governance they first need to convince New Zealand of several things. The first would be that this is in the treaty to start with (it is not) but a close second would be convincing us that such a thing would be good for New Zealand.

But it seems that the very first Māori to be given a taste of power in association with co-governance might be the most corrupt politician to ever enter New Zealand parliament.

If the rest of the Labour Party over looked these glaring conflicts of interest and profiteering off of the taxpayer, then I assume the rest of them are doing this as well. I’m reminded of a $700k slide outside parliament and I want to know who got that contract.

I would like to know what all relatives of Labour Party politicians are doing with their careers and I think New Zealanders should demand such an investigation.–eaCr4-l1l64dgEiYLiFdE69Qh_TDz679GXaKCs

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