Get this straight. There is a marked difference between a Whistle-blower and a ‘Dobber’. 

A Whistle-blower is someone on the ‘inside’ of an event, who has first-hand knowledge of or been a witness to some wrongdoing and believes they have a legal or moral obligation to act to protect others. Often whistle-blowers have made a conscious effort to stop the behaviour and/or counselled the wrong-doer. But before they act they are absolutely certain a wrong is being perpetrated.

A Dobber is someone who observes an event or behaviour, applies self judgment based on their perception of that event or behaviour, and almost exclusively without reference to anyone else, calls in an authority. (in short just a nosy under-educated over opinionated self-indulgent cont)

Having three times had the cops called on me, and never once been in breach of the current restrictions, my question to the last cops sent to ‘arrest’ me was, why have the cops not charged the Dobber? After all it is actually an offence to make a false and vexatious complaint and waste police time.

Having read the Clarks beach story of the Zoom party being raided by the cops and knowing the cops need to keep their quota of arrests up, if I was the cop I’d be in next door at the Dobbers with the handcuffs in a heartbeat.

Just remember as well as the gummint, Every Cont is Watching you.

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