Doctors get 6 months jail for prescribing HCQ!

Yes you read that right! In April, the state of Queensland, Australia bought into law jail time for this well known treatment if Doctors dare to dabble! If you are still calling your mate Dave a conspiracy theorist for questioning the narrative of governments all over the world then you’re a fucking moron! No seriously, wake up! On what fucking planet does a government act like this toward a cheap effective remedy, let alone act in lock step with the rest of the world. If you cannot see this is co ordinated then have I got a deal for you, I have a couple of Acres of land on the moon for sale for a bargain price!

The video below is Tucker Carlson Today interview….quite shocking!

As you can imagine with big tech censorship now in overdrive this video is likely but a moment from disappearing so be quick to watch!

Link below

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