Doctors turning their backs on mRNA vaccine

“Many doctors – especially pediatricians – have decided to pretend the Covid vaccines don’t exist.”

It is not surprising that doctors are turning their back on the vaccine. It was always going to be a failure given what we know about rapidly mutating viruses.

Doctors are some of the first to wake from the mass form psychosis and remember important parts of their own DMA such as, “do no harm.”

“Physicians, nurses, and patients from all over the world have already sent hundreds of stories. (Interestingly, Australia is disproportionately represented – the six-month Omicron wave there seems to have cracked confidence in the vaccines.)”

I know a aged care worker who had be be jabbed and boosted, 3 doses of the vaccine. She has now got COVID for the second time. The vaccine has come at some cost to her health as well. Screaming success for our complicit medical bosses.

“Several factors may be driving it. The risk-benefit of these shots for kids is particularly indefensible, the approval process has hardly inspired confidence, and pediatricians know that if they push too hard they risk backlash against all vaccines.”

It was sick of the Governments around the world to encourage children to get vaccinated. There was no upside for them. CORONA was not a risk to healthy children, injected an untested mRNA futile serum does not pass the risk reward test on any measure.

The problem with rushed through medication is you don’t have time to find out things like the following autopsies.

covid vaccine driven immune fixation/organ infection (nature/modern pathology study)

  • autopsies reveal that the vaccinated get far higher rates of organ infection by covid than the unvaxxed.
  • they also generate fewer N antibodies (antigenic fixation)
  • the latter is strongly associated with and seems to cause the former.
  • there are also worrying cancer and immune suppression possibilities

We can only hope that those billions of jabs dished out to the unsuspecting public who were just desperate for normality again, don’t create a decade of ailments.

in this pathology data we see

  • clear signs of immune fixation as manifest by inability to generate n antibodies
  • clear signs that this inability is strongly associated with and likely leads to organ infection
  • a likely dose 1 immune suppression signal and a possible cancer signal

I am personally interested in the cancer effects. I lost a parent due to an extremely rare cancer that occurred after jab 1. If it wasn’t such a rare form of cancer you could say it was coincidental that the cancer arrived in unison with the jab.

But so rare is this hideous form of aggressive lymphoma that you can’t help but look for the link between the two.

“quite a lot of organ damage driven by vaccine effects/covid enhancement may be being mistaken for “long covid” and if this is so, then recommending more boosting to mitigate risk would likely serve only to accelerate it, especially as signs that antigenic fixation and side effects are both worse post booster are widespread.”

I think it’s time we start holding the likes of Siouxsie Wiles, Bloomfield, Ardern and any other high ranking officials and scientific advisors to account.

The fraudulent death click they continue to show us everyday, only serves to try and mask the experiment that was just conducted in humanity.

My sole reason for not taking the jab was down to the amount of time it should take to bring medication through proper testing. Particularly one such as mRNA which is still in itself an experimental treatment delivery system.

Good to see our medical practitioners are finally awake.


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