Drunk on Power and Clueless

A celebrity wedding as an attempt to combat the decline in popularity, is likely to fool some. But the part of the old saying that also contains the line, ‘you can fool all the people some of the time” is obviously now becoming Ardern’s nemesis.

A COVID election with the fortuitous outcome of NZ not getting hit as hard as larger populated countries, had half the voters in awe of Ardern. Fooled by the constant propaganda in such numbers were the NZ public, that they sent labour into the ultimate position a political party dreams of – being in total control without the need of a coalition partner.

MMP in 2020 delivered Labour a “first past the post” style outcome. One where due to New Zealand’s political system, They can do what ever they want.

This is the kind of power that was meant to be a thing of the past. Without the checks and balances as they have in other countries, Ardern and her ministers have an elected dictatorship for 3 years, and possibly longer.

So what will happen?

In some circumstances, having the total power to make the laws that you believe will improve New Zealand is a good thing. If we get lucky and have politicians with great policies, wisdom and a true desire to make things better. Total power will deliver better outcomes much faster.

If you have a government hell bent on being ideological and who put more importance on looking good and saying the right thing, then we will get the bi-product of ego based policies.

So far the journey hasn’t been too flash for Ardern and her team in terms of their ambitions for New Zealand.

Whilst many agree her compassion shown with the horrific mass murder in Christchurch, was a job well done. It did come at a cost to many law abiding gun owners with rushed through legislation. The massacre is also being leveraged to bring in an Orwellian style removal of free speech.

Then, with COVID-19 and the propaganda still working for the princess of COVID, we are seeing a continuation of their tyrannical approach to policy.

With politicians globally milking the power the virus has given them, we are still being sold fear wholesale by the elite as a distraction for radical changes.

Combining the state of mind that the public has been wound up to with the reality a landslide election victory, has delivered us a government high as a kite on the unbridled power to push through increasingly dangerous policies.

However, like all crises, humans get used to the realities and the shine comes of the perceived danger. People soon become numb to the constant reminders of doom, particularly in the absence of it.

The spotlight moves from the old ongoing issues and focuses on things closer to home.

A divided New Zealand with race based policies. Housing challenges on the increase. Mental health and genuine help for the impoverished not being delivered. There just isn’t any actual positive outcomes that aren’t just announcements of more spending.

The answer to all the problems is more and more announcements. Announcements that there will be an announcement is the latest strategy. And in the mean time behind closed doors they are plotting radical changes. Seperate Maori government structures, compulsory union membership. Pay freezes and always more government control of what we can say and do. And in the absence of anything meaning ful another announcement of more money being thrown at more government control.

Labour have proven time and time again that no matter how much they try and throw at issues, wins are desperately lacking.

They are starting to be like the All blacks between the years of 1991 and 2007 at World Cup time, big on promise but nowhere near achieving anything meaningful.

You can only blame the referee for so long, or in their case the previous Governments

Outside the virus and mass murder in our southern city, Labour has been one of the worst performing governments in most people’s living life time.

That is where being drunk on power will be their down fall.

It’s all very well telling people how great you are but if the wheels are wobbling you all over the place, then people see through the F.I.G.J.A.M.

We have all seen that drunk person at a party, filled with Dutch courage and thinking they are the life of the party.

They become louder, more obnoxious and grow paranoid as the other guests start to avoid them more and more.

We are likely at the point where people are realising that, that guest (labour) has had a little too much to drink. Soon we will be at the point wishing they would get a taxi home.

Watching Ardern try and convince people with her nodding head is becoming very tiresome for many.

Where will we be at the next election cycle?

Will the drunk at the this metaphorical political party, increasingly ignore the signs that enough is enough and disappear into the night. Or will we see a more intense desire for the “look at me” ideological policy settings.

They seem pretty keen to push on with the attitude of Don’t you know who I am, and I know what’s best.

Can someone please take their keys off of them?

I think, like a hungry shark that has a nostril full of blood and the chemicals in its brain that sends it into a feeding frenzy, Ardern has inhaled the toxic high of power and isn’t letting go of this ride for love nor money anytime soon.

One must ask, what is the hangover is going to feel like…? for all involved

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