Dumb versus Dumber


Greta Thunberg, the climate sensation who has done as much for climate change as Abba did for death metal, has criticised Ardern.

Seems the Swedish brat has become as disappointed as half of the New Zealanders who proudly voted Labour last election, even though I’m yet to meet a farmer who admits they voted for Ardern. But I digress.

After Greta’s now famous “how dare you” speech, she probably took some gratification from Ardern stupidly calling Climate change both a “life and death” situation and her “nuclear moment.“

Realistically, the best achievement of Ardern’s government is her absolute failure to meaningfully punish the team of 5,000,000 for the trumped up dilemma called climate change.

Never before has Ardern’s failure to achieve on her promises been more beneficial to New Zealanders.

Methane is Co2’s poorer cousin, who has as about as much affect on climate change as fart has on the air quality in Rotorua.

Not only is methane the biggest red herring when it comes to climate change, but without our industry that produces the most of the man made portion of the substance (farming), New Zealand would be much poorer if this industry was put under even more climate mitigation pressure.

We already have pissed off the farmers to breaking point, with policies that are as much based on science as using Chinese aphrodisiacs to preserve rhinoceros populations globally.

So the fact Sweden’s most famous Asperger autistic juvenile twerp is having a tizzy at New Zealand’s most concerned face, is nothing but a cause for celebration.

And before you say how dare you, here is a piece we penned on methane a while back putting this fart gas in prospective to the greater atmosphere.


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