Durham Report will be a hit movie

From the “truth is stranger than fiction” files, it seems Trump knew what was going on all along with his claims of spying that everyone rubbished..

Spied on pre and post him winning the election is now conspiracy fact. Trump was subjected to an attempted framing with Russian Collusion and while it didn’t work they still used the fabricated info to attempt impeachment.

After that failed you had the Ukraine phone call impeachment that also failed. Then the False Flag January 6 attempted insurrection impeachment t to try and stop Trump ever running again.

The only thing one can take from all this is that many people in the DNC and the deep state were very scared of a Trump presidency.

The question is why.

Was Trump an evil racist who wanted to destroy America with his alt right antics and anti science rhetoric?.

Or was he wanting to unwind the corruption and bad actors who are paid by big business and wealthy foreign entities such as the CCP to serve interests that are not the American public.

If you follow the economy and foreign policy of US politics you will know that the latter is more likely.

The news coming out on the dodgy behaviour of Clinton, Biden and his campaign team. Also Obama, the FBI, the DOJ and the CIA, is going to make the Durham Report the most keenly anticipated piece of reading ever.

Below is some of what we know from the tight lipped Durham who is conducting himself like how a Special Council should operate by not leaking random info to the media.

However court filings are giving insight into the behaviour of the Trump competitors.

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