Election audit update for Arizona and other Areas.

Before we get to Arizona here are some other areas that have interesting info.


Wisconsin has finally decided to run an audit on the 2020 election. The vote took place 3 months ago to have an audit but it’s finally gotten traction.

Republicans argue that the measure is necessary to increase transparency in the highly controversial 2020 election, as well as our election system in general. Since Biden only won Wisconsin by about 20,000 votes, it is imperative to ensure that voter fraud played no role in his victory.

Democrats voted against the measure unanimously, warning that an audit will erode trust in the system. This is despite the fact that a transparent audit is likely to restore some trust in a system with well documented irregularities in the 2020 election, widespread concerns over mail in voting and lack of voter ID laws, and over a third of Americans believing that the election was stolen.

This audit will likely conclude around October/ November this year.

Antrim County Michigan:

This is an area where the left have taken to bullying tactics to try and prevent a lawyer leading the way.

In the process of organising a press conference for a bombshell announcement by Attorney Matt DePerno, his first venue cancelled the press conference due to threats.

After changing the venue we can see why the opposition made the threats. DePerno and his team have identified that the tabulation machines can be accessed, have votes changed and then set the clock back to make it look like this new tally was the result on the night.

More info on this including video of the bombshell press release linked below.

Matt DePerno BOMBSHELL: Michigan Attorney Says Anyone with Access to Voting Machine Tabulators Can Change an Election, Backdate Their Cheating (VIDEO)

Windham New Hampshire:

Machine’s seemed to favour Democrats somehow as auditors have found a sizeable discrepancy with the hand count versus the counting machine results. all were in favour of Democrats.

The hand count has found that Republicans received more votes than the counting machines suggested, showing that it is likely something is up with the way they produced the results electronically.

More to come on this one

Maricopa County Arizona:

After finding that the database had been removed, Cyber Ninjas proved that they are worthy of their title and have located the file.

Today election officials are being questioned and providing explanations to senators as to what is going on with not fully cooperating with the subpoena’s.

They are claiming the database wasn’t missing. Seems it might be a moot point now that the database has been located.

They are also not wanting to provide routers claiming it is a security risk.

I wonder if they will also address the ballot boxes not being sealed and having up to 20 % of ballots missing from the totals labelled on the security tabs on each box.

Should be an interesting day in Maricopa County.

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