Election Fraud?

The Evidence

So, with many crimes, there might be a lack solid evidence such as catching the perpetrator in the act. It is then left to compiling enough evidence to ascertain the level of guilt. In political conspiracies there is two judges, the popular opinion of the public and then the Judge who is presiding over the court case.

When it comes to electoral fraud it is not always easy to prove, particularly if you have insiders on your side.

Here we will look at the anecdotal evidence and the fact there is not a smoking gun as such yet but a list of signs that individually do not prove much but combined together make a veritable salad of guilt.

So where do we start. Probably the best place to start is the 4am jump in votes that all went to Biden. Whilst there may be a justifiable reason that suddenly Biden got a huge boost in votes that went entirely his way, statistically in a natural count, this jump is not realistic.

Withheld Ballots

The smoke pointing to fire here is that these sudden jumps in ballots that all went Bidens way in Michigan and Wisconsin, only occurred in states that were tight swing states. Nothing like this occurred in states like Florida or Texas or anywhere else. They may of course still occur in the remaining tight states or they were a bit more subtle with these votes. Pennsylvania, Georgia Arizona are ripe for this

The way this works is you have bags stuffed with ballots that are from non-voters which are marked for Biden and these are dumped into the system when needed.

This is a tough one to prove in court however it looks dodgy when you only have withheld ballots in democratic run states where there is a tight race

Voting turnout disparities

This is where you look at comparable turnouts between areas where you received unusual amounts of votes from certain communities.

If you look at Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Charlottesville and compare these to similar demographic areas such as Orlando, Miami, Cleveland and Richmond etc. What it seems to point at is an extraordinarily unusual turn out in Black communities from cities in democratic controlled swing states compared to their comparable constituencies in other places. This is very unusual and again on its own does not prove much but add it to our election fraud salad and then…

Unusual vote margins differences

Here you look at trends such as Trump doing 5 or 6% better in Urban African American precincts in most cities across the country and then he suddenly loses 99-1% (being worse than Obama – Romney margins) in these swing states. Again, there is evidence of this occurring. Toss that in the salad.

Historical Anomalies

More voters voting than were registered prior to election. Again, this can happen as you have same day registration however, its very rare to happen.

Also looking at the predictions of what margins are from historical records and these large differences occurring where the large Biden 4am votes came from.

Other anecdotal Evidence

Prior to voting day, it was showing lower than average turn out in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Detroit amongst African American voters. Then suddenly on election day it ends up breaking records. Yet there are no long lines in voter queues on election day. Again, highly unusual particularly that it only happened in Democratically controlled swing state cities.

Also, on the above it seems that African Americans in Milwaukee are all of a sudden even more enthusiastic about Biden than they were Obama, yet in Cleveland, Cincinnati St Lois they are not.

Observers told to stay away or sent home.

Observers are there to make sure votes are checked properly and, in many areas,, Observers were told to stay so far away they could check what was happening. In other areas they were sent home and told counting has stopped when in fact upon their return ballots had continued to be counted.

Unusual ballot completion trends

Many Ballots were returned with only one marking on them, being Biden. Ballots have the choice of president and other votes for the area such as senator. Rather than choosing Biden and one other or Trump and one other in democratic controlled swing states thousands of ballots arrived only showing Biden ticked and nothing else. Only marking one is not unusual, but this would be a spread between Trump and Biden as what happened everywhere else.

My, is our salad starting to become quite the little fraudster.

On top of this is the preparation that went into changing the rules in these states. Non requirement of checking signatures, post dates and the time allowed to receive votes all point to a planned power play by the democrats.

So if you are wondering why Trump is taking legal action you might have a better understanding after reading this.

There are also many other claims coming through such as sharpies being provided which potentially make the ballot void, voting machines breaking down, people being told they already had voted. The list goes on.

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