End the Fed

Here’s the US Debt tally today $28,454,090,927,630

The reason we always rant about the Federal Reserve is because it’s the lifeblood of nearly everything that’s wrong, or even evil, about the federal government.

The Fed enables every war by providing the necessary magical spring of Monopoly money to fund it—trillions of dollars since 9/11.

The Fed is the root cause of every boom-and-bust cycle, every crash, and every recession with its manipulation of interest rates and markets. Yet it’s proponents always blame the lack of manipulation, and demand even more power to the very people who caused it.

The Fed has been historically and objectively wrong about nearly everything. It’s failed projections, false prophesies, and inability to stabilize the economy should make any intelligent observer demand for answers and change.

The Fed waters the roots of inflation by showering the elites with cash. It cultivates the crops of inequality and yields fruits of increased housing prices, increased rent, increased property taxes, increased food prices, increased medical prices, and increased costs of nearly every good and service. The serve an elite club, and you ain’t in it.

The Fed passes the real cost of its counterfeiting onto you. It taxes young parents who now can’t afford their first home. It taxes hopeful business owners whose dreams and livelihoods get crushed by recessions, regulations, and corporate bailouts.

But don’t worry, Bezos just got a $10billion bailout so he can go to space. How progressive!
The Fed taxes young men with their lives fighting for the interests of defense contractors and foreign powers like Saudi Arabia.

The Fed is the lifeblood of the empire. It’s the ring for Sauron and the horcrux for Voldemort. Ending the Fed cripples the empire which would then certainly shrivel up and collapse, restoring power to the people and to the states.


This is why we talk about it, this is why we call out the Fed, because no one else will.

End. The. Fed.

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