Endemic Equilibrium and immunity

The UK is open for business and normality has become closer to the norm.

Part of this normality is acceptance that the virus is here for some time (if not for good) and the fear level is now seemingly at a low point in the UK.

In the USA with rapidly dropping infections, Pfizer is about to be approved to be given to the 5 to 11 age group, so i guess it can only be so long before it arrives here.

I am still not convinced, that something that has a similar (albeit slim) chance of harming a child as much as the virus itself in this age group, is medically sound advice.

I understand it’s about weighing up the risk and this is where the data needs to be looked at, particularly when you have graphs like the one below.

Anyway a pretty balanced review below on all things covid from Dr. John Campbell below.

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