Energy Prices Soaring in Europe

The Ukraine war is giving everyone in Europe a taste of what an unprepared world dumping fossil fuels is like. it’s what the Climate Activists have been demanding for years. Let’s see how happy they are about it this winter

Cafe owners getting £10,000 (NZD $19,000) electricity bills. Not sure how many small cafe’s can stay viable with that kind of electricity bill.

Consumers of power, which is everyone of course, will be paying huge power bills this winter. The sad thing is the people will suffer from this the most will be pensioners and those living in the breadline.

Power bills are expected to reach over £5,000 per annum.

France has had the gas turned off for failing to pay for July’s gas bill to Gazprom.

France has other methods of generating electricity so not quite as reliant on Russia for energy as countries like Germany, but as the summer comes to an end the crisis will deepen.

There are those that think Putin had miscalculated his decision to invade Ukraine and he didn’t expect everyone to unite against him. If uniting against him is refusing to warm your people while non European countries benefit from Russian oil and gas then perhaps he hasn’t miscalculated anything.

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