Essential Human Right

What if we were to make supermarkets “free” because food is an “essential human right”? The price of every product would be unknown to consumers, huge queues would form outside every supermarket as people rushed in to grab as much as they could. Rationing of products would soon be required. Demand would increase as the cost of any supermarket item would be unknown to the consumer, the real cost would increase and require higher taxation to cover.

So you would end up with less freedom to get the items you wish and pay more than you currently do in taxes to pay for all the extra food consumed. The only winners would be:A)Those who pay no tax get food paid for by others B)The government officials employed to collect taxes and pay food providers C) The food providers who get guaranteed profits thanks to government contracts. The majority of the population would be worse off in terms of choice and economically. We would also end up with more waste food as bulk govt purchases would not match demand as well without prices. Prices are data to communicate demand and supply, individuals make spending choices based largely on prices with their money as the medium of trade, the language of prices if you will. If you remove the cost of any good to an individual and disguise it in general taxation, their choices are changed, demand for all goods especially expensive/scarce resources increase which is bad for the environment and conserving said scarce resources. That is why gold must cost more than tin- to conserve a rare earth metal.

This is why socialising food would lead to shortages and starvation, as proven by history. However the model applies to all goods and services. Socialised medicine leads to rationing- hospital waiting lists that people die on, increasing costs of healthcare and massive profits to government contractors- increasing the inequalities that would be present in a market free of government intervention. The same can be seen in education with tuition fees rising on the back of “free student loans” which inflate the prices Universities can charge.The above is why government should not be involved in education, healthcare, roads, anything where money is involved. The government should simply be a referee and intervene when rules are broken, rather than being a player and passing the ball to their friends- legalised “mixed market” corruption. Politicians pay no price for being wrong and get the same wage regardless of being fiscally responsible or not.

There is absolutely no benefit to state services outside of police, courts and military. Money itself should not be a function of the state or central bank either, yet that is a more complex topic for another day. As stated above the only beneficiaries of tax funded programs are those who act as government middle men, the private contractors and individuals who don’t “pay their fare share” as the left love to proselytise. Food isn’t a human right, nor is healthcare or education! You have a human right to seek food, keep yourself healthy and educate yourself or children at your own cost, with money earned from using the mind and body you were given for free! That is the human privilege we all have, yet you do not have a right to things that cost others, as such is a form of slavery, direct or not!Living free requires the freedom to decide where your energy goes absolutely, if someone wants to take 33% of your income, they are forcing you to work 4 months a year for them, stealing your time (and that’s before inflation). It is incumbent upon any freedom lover to oppose this with equal or greater energy and any force necessary.

By Will Ryan

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